[Course Forum] 8,000+ Most Common Swedish Words, part 4


Welcome to the forum for the final part of the four courses created by sehiralti covering, in total, 8,000+ words of Swedish.

Here are links to the first three parts:



At the moment, I (course contributor, “amanda-norrsken”) am adding audio files to this course and am almost halfway through - 100 levels of 234 have audio now. I hope to finish this mammoth project during my lifetime :slight_smile:

I am also checking definitions as I go along and adding everyday Swedish phrases to them as I come across them. Any suggestions on improvements are gladly received!



Thanks for the like!

I noticed that you have started on the 8,000+ words course, but that you haven’t done the three previous courses by sehiralti.

May I ask you why you chose to start with this course and not do the other three first?

I am happy to have a few more people doing this course, that is a given, of course, but most people do 3,000 most common words, then 4,500 most common words, then 6,000 most common words and then this final part, 8,000+ most common words. I just wondered why you started here.

For historic reasons, these courses are rather confusingly named and that is why I plan to change the course names when I have finished adding audio to this course. Or, if you were misled by the name of this course (you wouldn’t be the first one), I might just change the names sooner!

Tusen tack i förhand för din tid!

Because that was the one in the link. I clicked on it to check it out. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t indicate when you click on it where it is in the 8000 words, nor are there any links to other courses.

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Ah, now I understand!

I’ve renamed the courses (at long last, after receiving confirmation from many sources that this would be a good idea) and added links to all four parts. I hope this will help people in future.


Thanks. That is nice and clear. And makes me crave Knäckebröd.



And here is the forum for the fourth part of the sehiralti Swedish course!

Hope to hear from you soon :slight_smile:

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Hey @Lien I’d like to be a course contributor for sehiralti’s 8,000+ Most Common Swedish Words Part 1, 2, 3, and 4! Pretty please?


Hi Olivia,
I just had a more thorough look into these courses by Sehiralti and at the moment there are plenty of contributors already.
As some say, ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ and so I feel it may be best to leave it as is for now.
If you’re aware of any other (Swedish) courses that don’t have active contributors or creator, I’d happily add you to those.
Have a great weekend!


Hello fellow Swedish learner!

I saw a “like” from you today and just wanted to welcome you personally to the forum for the last part. It looks like you have made it to part 4 :smiley:

Not many people make it this far, so I just wanted to say: WOW!

If you notice anything whilst reviewing the various four parts of the 8K+ MCSW (8,000+ Most Common Swedish Words) , please feel free to let me know via the respective forums for each part (I have just renamed them, as they were still named according to their older names).

Any and all help is always welcome! (Well, within reasonable limits :slight_smile: )

Hope to hear from you soon!

This is my next course once I finish with the official one (last module).
Looking forward to it!


I hope you like it!

I have been learning Swedish for three years now and it is quite interesting to go back to the first part (which is the first 3,000 words) and see it with the eyes of a B1 student :slight_smile:

I have restarted the course in order to improve it right from the beginning, adding in phrases that I have come across in the last three years - and also from dictionaries I have used.

I am also reviewing it on my Android phone to see what it all looks like on a smartphone (I used to only use the web version, for the majority of the last three years, because my old smartphone was very basic). I still prefer the web version because I don’t like the prompts you get on the app; my Scrabble brain can unscramble the letters too easily, so it is not really a memory test when I use the app; it is just too easy.

Do you use mostly the web version or the app?


I recommended the course to a friend from Bayern, who is learning Swedish.

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@amanda-norrsken, thank you :slight_smile:
It was a pleasure to discover that there was a 4-th part of this course :+1: (I initially learned first 3 parts maybe around a year ago, but currently reviewing them again along with learning the 4-th part). To say the truth, I’m having some troubles with synonymical words / phrases sometimes, but cannot list any specifics right now or suggest concrete improvement on them :smiley:, so will just say that these “8000+ frequency words” courses are great anyway :+1:.

I also stumbled through some person’s profile on the https://www.memrise.com/course/679217/5000-swedish-sentences/ course which seems to be a good (though tough from a typing perspective :slight_smile:) continuation to the plain vocabulary training.

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Glad to hear that you are happy with the courses on the whole!

The “pesky synonyms” (as I call them) were the reason I ended up becoming a course contributor :slight_smile: On the old forum system, I used to hassle sehiralti so often that he eventually let me make the changes myself!!!

But I am sure there are still a few lurking here and there. I am currently mostly focused on the first 3,000 words, trying to add phrases and so on, but when I review words in the other three courses, I try to make changes then, too.

I think the one that has had the least work done on it is the third part of the series, comprising words 6,000 - 7,500.

If you can find the time to make a quick note of any problems you find, I’d be very grateful!

Yeah, coming to reviewing of that (3-rd) part actually :slight_smile:. Will try keeping some notes, but just to mention a possible solution to the “synonyms” problem (which I saw and quite liked in https://www.memrise.com/course/475362/10000-swedish-words-phrases-full-pronunciation/ course) is to mention “wrong” synonymical answers in the word description of, for example, jämt it could be (X alltid) (where alltid is a word that was learned previously in the course).

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Like this:

Yeah, I have done something like that, too, in the meantime. If I can’t find a phrase which has ONLY one of the similar words in it - which is my favourite solution - then I just write in brackets (not: “alltid”) if the word being looked for is “jämt”, and vice versa.

Do you review on your phone or use the web version?

Just did a review of part 3 and didn’t score that well. Waaaaay too many bad definitions still left there so you don’t know exactly which word you need.

I shall have a look at some of my “difficult words” from that course, because the ones that memrise says are “difficult” are often the ones with crummy definitions :slight_smile:

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Currently, I’m using exclusively web version, but initially learned the first 3 parts of the course using mobile version (that’s why have large scores on the 2-nd one I believe :smile:).

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My confusion list :slight_smile:

  • extensiv - extensive
  • [v] vidsträckt - extensive
  • [v] en ordbok (ett lexikon)
  • oräknelig - otalig (not sure if there is “otalig” in some of the 4 courses though :slight_smile: )
  • en betingelse (ett villkor, en förutsättning)
  • förskräcklig (hemsk, fruktansvärd, förfärlig)
  • [v] ett överfall (ett anfall, ett angrepp, en attack)
  • att uträtta (att utföra, att verkställa)
  • en blankett (ett formulär)
  • en omvårdnad (en vård, en omsorg, en skötsel)
  • fånig (löjlig, skrattretande)
  • en handelsman (en köpman, en handlare)
  • en byggnation (ett bygge, osv)
  • ett botemedel (ett läkemedel)
  • [v] en spion (en spanare)
  • zero (is it really noun? - noll)
  • påföljande (efterföljande, följande)
  • en förvandling (en förändring, en omvandling, en ombildning)
  • ett bete (I suspect that “a tusk” is “en bete”)
  • en maka (en fru)
  • [v] en åkomma (remove “en sjukdom” alternative)
  • en bondgård (ett jordbruk, ett lantbruk)
  • munter (livad)
  • en rengöring (en tvätt)
  • en oreda (en oordning)
  • våt (blöt)
  • en allé - en aveny
  • en avskrift - en utskrift
  • ett klädesplagg - en klädsel
  • styv - stel
  • en favör - en förmån
  • skenbar - till synes
  • en avkomling - en ättling
  • en bukt - en vik
  • ovetande - omedveten
  • att bemästra - att övervinna
  • underlydande - underordnad
  • ett spann (duplicate)
  • en tidskrift (is already present in 1-st part, though with just “magasine” english prompt)
  • ett syskonbarn - a cousin (actually it is more like “niece or nephew”)
  • slapp (avslappnad)
  • en berömdhet (en kändis?)
  • en monitor - en bildskärm
  • att anträffa - att påträffa
  • ett fax - en fax
  • territorial (territoriell?)
  • ett veck - en skrynkla
  • alldaglig - vardaglig
  • att fresta - att locka
  • en lockelse - en frestelse
  • en föresats - en avsikt
  • egenartad - säregen etc
  • en hållbarhet - en varaktighet
  • envar
  • montering - uppsättning
  • ädel - adlig - nobel
  • ängslig - orolig, bekymrad
  • en sammanstötning - en krock
  • en affisch - ett plakat
  • upprepat ? (looks like supinum of “upprepa”, maybe should be upprepande?)
  • att flanera - att ströva
  • en utnämning - en tillsättning? (I have a vague memory that they have similar prompts, can be wrong…)
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