[Course Forum] 8,000+ Most Common Swedish Words - part 3

Welcome to the course forum for the 3rd part of sehiralti’s course based on the Kelly database.

Please let us know if there is anything that needs changing, improving and so on!

Link to the course: http://www.memrise.com/course/346962/6000-most-common-swedish-words/

The good news is that I have just worked out how to download MP3 files from forvo and other sources and have added audio for Level 1 of this course. It has to be done word-by-word, so it is a relatively time-consuming operation, but it doesn’t take that long either. As I review the words I have learnt, I hope to be able to find time to add the audio as I go along.

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Just added audio to level 25!!!

As the course has 100 levels, I am one quarter of the way there!

I have found audio for nearly every single word! I am thinking that I will contact a Swedish guy from the forvo team and ask him to add the audio for the one word that is missing.


Here is the forum for part 3 of the sehiralti course!

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Will keep track of some words here :slight_smile:

Confusion list
  • [+] en flytt - “1. a move, a removal; 2.” - add “(colloq.)” and remove “2.” (synonymer.se)
  • förfärlig
  • arduos - arduous
  • ett förstånd
  • arm (usel, eländig)
  • en insamling (en samling)
  • nedåt
  • på något vis (på något sätt)
  • till slut (i slutet)
  • bara
  • opassande (olämplig)
  • valfri (frivillig)
  • ett budgetår (ett räkenskapsår)
  • passande (lämplig)
  • inbegripa (innefatta, omfatta)
  • markant (betydande)
  • att bekymra (remove alternative “att oroa”)
  • en njutning (ett nöje)
  • indörs (ömsesidig)
  • bekymrad (orolig, oroad)
  • en flygning (en flykt)
  • sammantaget (sammanlagt)
  • gud (god! - utropstecken :slight_smile: )
  • att handlägga
  • att försätta
  • en bestraffning (ett straff)
  • en vidd (en bredd)
  • en inblick (en insyn)
  • att förmoda (att anta)
  • att beskylla (att anklaga)
  • en skräp (ett avfall)
  • nuförtiden (numera)
  • så länge som (audio sounds as så länge)
  • att skämta (att skoja)
  • utmed (längs)
  • en chaufför (en förare)
  • en förpliktelse (en plikt)
  • att härröra (att härstamma)
  • kostnadsfri (gratis?)
  • obegränsad (gränslös)
  • en elektricitet (? on audio) (en el - worked for “electricity” prompt)
  • en anmälning (en anmälan)
  • en omvandling
  • att underrätta (att meddela)
  • att anamma
  • att understödja
  • en löntagare (en anställd)
  • en bekännelse (ett erkännande)
  • att bestraffa (att straffa)
  • en funktionsnedsättning (ett funktionshinder)
  • en möda (en ansträngning)
  • att utlova (att lova)
  • att fortgå (att pågå)
  • tryggt (säkert)
  • en mjukvara (en programvara)
  • att förmoda (att anta)
  • sammantaget (sammanlagt, sammanfattningsvis)
  • en gärningsman (en förövare)
  • ett förbehåll (ett bevarande)
  • markant (framträdande)
  • att förtydliga (att tydliggöra)
  • till slut (i slutet)
  • att praktisera (att utöva)
  • en markering (en märkning)
  • ett samspel (en samverkan)

Note that for some words I’m not sure if the word/phrase in brackets is present in any of the 8000+ swedish words courses :slight_smile:

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I’ll get to these things as soon as I can, kinda busy right now and will be on holiday for two weeks, but I will have the chance to do a bit of memrising nonetheless :slight_smile:

Keep the suggestions coming!


Have a nice holiday!

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Hi there Ivan!

I did indeed have a nice summer, with a trip to the UK AND to Amsterdam, as a special treat for my younger daughter and myself.

It took me a while to get back into the swing of things, but I am now back with a vengeance :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I have restarted TWO of the 8K+ Most Common Swedish Words (part 1 and part 3) courses in an attempt to work more systematically on improving the definitions and adding phrases to try and disambiguate tricky words and so-called “synonyms”.

And I wanted to send you a HUGE ENORMOUS THANK-YOU!!! It has been really helpful finding all those new mems from the synonym website. As you know, I don’t really “believe in” the concept of synonyms, but the definitions and examples from that website are really good.

I have been using them to improve the definitions on part 3 in particular.

I have also just copied and pasted your “Confusion List” for part 3 into a google doc for future reference. There are a LOT of words in this course which need work doing on them, but I hope I will deal with your list as I go along anyway. I shall have a look at it closely and see if there are any in particular that have also bothered me for a long time and deal with them first.

I hope you will notice the new changes soon and that you will see them as improvements! :slight_smile:

All the best and thanks again for all those great mems, they really make my life easier!


I also wanted to thank “marisja” who contributed a really good mem for the verb “att inkomma”, but it seems she is not registered here.

Hej Amanda!

Great that you had a wonderful summer and it’s a pleasure for me to see that the mems from “synonymer.se” and my confusion lists are of help :slight_smile:
I must say that I’m currently not that active on “8,000+ Most Common Swedish Words - part *” courses as trying to get through the “~5000+ Swedish Sentences” course :smiley:. But I guess will do another review round at some point as well :+1:, so thank you and hope that you’ll keep up all the great work you do for these courses.

By the way, if somebody is interested in Swedish words definitions mems generation from the above mentioned synonymer.se site, I wrote some bits of javascript for the purpose: https://gist.github.com/vania92/ce131a1a030ca4d93a065ebe3f35d468

Best regards,

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