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I’m noticing a few problems that are incredibly frustrating. The best example is the Dutch words for “The Blow”. There are two translations of them and there’s no way to distinguish the one from the other. The only solution is to remove them from one’s learning list. Small stuff in the scheme of things. How do we fix glitches like this? Much obliged.


Hi @kudawudashuda,

I think you mean this course:

This course is created by @Pyrrhon.
The course creator does not contribute in this forum under the name @Pyrrhon.

Level 31 the blow (impact / stroke) - de slag
Level 53 the blow (smack / whack) - de klap

Hi @Lien,
Is it possible to send the course creator an email to invite him/her to the new forum?
Thank you in advance.
Have a nice weekend!

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Thanks for your quick response, much appreciated.
Yes, I do mean that course.
For ‘de slag’ it only has ‘the blow’ as the translation.
And for ‘de klap’ it only has ‘the blow’, so there is no way of knowing which translation for ‘the blow’ is required. Or at least that is how it appears on my Macbook Air.
I‘m hoping this can be amended.
Other frustrating issues are when the noun is a het/de one must get the order correct which for this bear of little brain is very challenging.
As you can see from my learning history I am not blessed with a facility for languages!.
Much obliged,

I’m not sure what has happened to the website but I can tell you I’m loving it.
~ No (almost) permanent penalties for errors.
~And now I can learn at my pace. Memrise assumes I have a far greater ability to learn than I actually have. So now I can revue and revue and revue, whilst still getting points! (The competition is a motivating factor for me, but look at my learning history and you can see my ‘word per point’ ratio is very much lower than others. I actually think I have a brain disorder! But don’t worry, having a poor memory forces me to be creative.)
Anyway, Just thought I would mention this in case the program could be tweaked to accomodate us slow learners.

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The course creator doesn’t appear to be active on this forum but course contributor @V75 is.
@V75 Can you kindly have a look at the issue mentioned above (de slag/de klap)
Many thanks,

Hi Lien,
Yes, I’ll do this.

I have to say I have completely failed to get to grip with the new forums! I would be happy to set up a forum for the 5000 words course, but haven’t a clue how to do it!! (Pyrrhon is an irregular user of Memrise nowadays though I’m still in touch with him)

I’m also coming across a few mistakes in the Memrise Dutch courses and have no idea where to report them.


(Slightly ashamed this is in English, not in Dutch - so lazy of me - but was regularly thankful to Memrise while I was sailing in Zeeland this summer!)

Best wishes,

Diana (@V75)


Hoi @V75,

Bedankt voor het snelle antwoord!
Voel me ook een beetje lui vandaag dus schrijf ik lekker in het Nederlands :stuck_out_tongue:
Dit is het forum voor de 5000 Most Used Dutch Words cursus.

Het forum voor onze officiële Nederlandse cursussen kan je hier vinden.

Heerlijk te horen dat Memrise goed van pas kwam tijdens je Zeelandse zeiltrip. Deed me vreemd genoeg denken aan dit muzikaal jeugdtrauma van me.




@V75 I’m noticing that the audio prompt for “ver” (far) is “verbeteren” Is this intentional?

V75, bedankt voor uw hulp, kan je de slag (30) / de klap (53) = the blow verschil doe?

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V75, er is geen audio voor “slingeren” in les 70, alvast bedankt!

Still love this course! Thanks for your wonderful work.
I recently played around with TTS generated voices. I prefer Forvo’s sound files but they are hard to batch download. So I tried the freely available and freely usable eSpeak/MBROLA nl2 voice for Dutch. The voice is ok but still robotic. Even soundoftext.com sounds better. As a test, I batch generated sound files for every (?) entry in this course. They are available here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yndohpm3zubkt96/NL%205000%20TTS.zip?dl=0 Maybe you want to use them to complete the course with regard to audio. Uploading 2500 words still will be an annoying task I guess… Up to you…


The way I solved this problem in the four-part 8,000+ Most Common Swedish Words course was to offer typical phrases where only one of the words in question is used.

“ett slag” in Swedish, for example, means “a kind of”, whereas “en klapp” doesn’t have that meaning.

To distinguish the two, I would do something that looks like this to the word “ett slag”

[vad är det för ~s bil?] what kind of car is that? (the original phrase is “vad är det för slags bil?”).

And for “en klapp” I would add something like this:

[en ~ på axeln] a pat on the shoulder

I have no idea whether these words work the same in Dutch, of course, but I am sure that there must be typical phrases where both words are used, but NOT interchangeably.

I have had positive feedback from participants on these courses who said that they felt they were getting even more than just the 8,000+ words through the addition of these everyday phrases.

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Hi @amanda-norrsken / Hi Diana @V75,

Yes, it would be possible for these two words too.

Level 31 the blow (impact / stroke) - de slag
Level 53 the blow (smack / whack) - de klap

This is a major blow to the environment, tourism and farming.
Dat is een zware slag voor het milieu, het toerisme en de landbouw.

The angle of the blow was unique.
De hoek van de slag was uniek.

Now the blow sends him backwards.
De klap duwt hem naar achteren.

Splendid. I’m thankful the blow caused no permanent damage.
Gelukkig heeft de klap geen blijvend letsel aangericht.:slight_smile:

Have a nice weekend!

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Follow up/continuation course:

Forum: [Course Forum] 2500 medium frequent Dutch Words ♫ Audio

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  1. “neigenuithalen” doesn’t exist --> “neigen” https://nl.wiktionary.org/wiki/neigen (uithalen is introduced later in the course)

  2. It’s supposed to be “dikwijls”. https://nl.wiktionary.org/wiki/dikwijls

Oops. I have had a difficult year and very little Memrise.

Pyrrhon is now doing other things - a PhD in philosophy - so I need to get a grip on the course - and the synonyms are still not sorted…

Give me time and ~I will try and sort things out. Your other parallel Dutch course seems an easy way back. Thank you!

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Core 14
Text: een beetje - a little bit
Audio: het beetje
Text: nederlands - dutch
Audio: nederland

Core 15
Text: het soort (de soort)
Audio: de soort het soort

Core 22
Text: het gebruik
Audio: her gebruik

Core 39
Texrt: wensen
Audio: wens

Core 6
zoals (loude piano sound at the start of recording)

Core 20
de vorm (smaking sounds)
waarbij (smaking sounds) (also think the definition on this is of?)
zichzelf (horrible blowout before the word itself starts)

Core 23
het programma (smaking sound)

By the way, I’m editing this as i go along :slight_smile:

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FYI: I’m now quite satisfied with my course:

It’s basically a reworked version of Pyrrhon’s course. I added many audio files, definitions, etc. Please refer to https://www.memrise.com/course/1857239/5000-most-frequent-dutch-words-audio/1/ in order to see, what else I’ve tried to improve. Is my course better? Well, that’s up for you to decide. Give it a try. Please report errors or useful recommendations here: [Course Forum] 5000 most frequent Dutch words ♫ Audio