[Course Forum] 5000 most frequent Norwegian Words ♫ Audio

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Quick update: For the first couple of weeks, typing is disabled. :keyboard: :no_entry_sign: This will allow me to quickly browse :mag_right: through the course in order to find and patch :adhesive_bandage: initial errors. Eventually, typing will be activated again. Can’t comment on the exact time frame, but certainly not later than May :two::zero::two::zero:.

UDPADTE: Switched to typing mode as of June 28th

:bulb: Best practice. Here’s how I tackle the issues with this course. While learning, I take screenshots :camera_flash:, annotate them :writing_hand: and gather them here :card_file_box: : https://photos.app.goo.gl/S9Z3LU8ynXAcdd2C9 Dealt with cards will be deleted eventually. You can contribute. Add pictures :heavy_plus_sign: , add a quick comment :left_speech_bubble: and I’ll take care of it :oncoming_police_car:.

First off, I want to thank you for your efforts in creating this course. It is very well made and exactly what I am looking for.

I’m just curious as to when typing will be enabled. I find that having to actively recall (and correctly spell) vocabulary is much more useful in getting the item into my long-term memory.

Hi Sean,
Thanks. That’s very kind of you.

I’ll switch the course to typing mode this weekend. Error rate has considerably dropped. There will be still some flaws though, but the bulk of obvious errors has been removed. Non-typing mode allowed me to find errors quicker.

UPDATE: Switched to typing.