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Quick update: For the first couple of weeks, typing is disabled. :keyboard: :no_entry_sign: This will allow me to quickly browse :mag_right: through the course in order to find and patch :adhesive_bandage: initial errors. Eventually, typing will be activated again. Can’t comment on the exact time frame, but certainly not later than May :two::zero::two::zero:.

UDPADTE: Switched to typing mode as of June 28th

First off, I want to thank you for your efforts in creating this course. It is very well made and exactly what I am looking for.

I’m just curious as to when typing will be enabled. I find that having to actively recall (and correctly spell) vocabulary is much more useful in getting the item into my long-term memory.

Hi Sean,
Thanks. That’s very kind of you.

I’ll switch the course to typing mode this weekend. Error rate has considerably dropped. There will be still some flaws though, but the bulk of obvious errors has been removed. Non-typing mode allowed me to find errors quicker.

UPDATE: Switched to typing.

Thank you for the course. Just one minor suggestion for improvement; I would appreciate if you add verb conjugation as an info that is shown after testing (similar to what the other 5000+ course(s) have).

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Could you provide a link to a course which does that? I want to understand what you’re referring to before I answer. Thank you.

5000+ Most Common Words Part 1
After entering an answer, an info line is shown with verb conjugation (for example -te, -t for group 2 verbs, or full conjugation for irregular verbs).

Memrise 01

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I see. I may add that, but I won’t promise anything and it will take some time.

That being said, I actually prefer an additional conjugation course. I fear I’d never be able to learn conjugations properly based on that design. Plus, if I remember correctly, the 5000+ Norwegian course did not provide all conjugations. Hence, I probably felt it was too much work given the doubtful benefit.

I agree, I think that additional conjugation course is essential for learning verbs, especially irregular ones. However, I like these hints provided by 5000+ course since they remind me on verb conjugation for verbs that I already know (thus, they are valuable supplementary to the verb-dedicated course since they reinforce learning of information that you already vaguely know). I do not like when verb conjugations are introduced as separate cards (like in Norwegian-Duolingo Memrise course), it’s just too messy.

Another suggestion, similar to the previous one, would be to use the same info line for irregular nouns and adjectives. Thus, for verbs you display conjugation, and for nouns like ‘far’, you display irregular plural ‘fedre’ (just to remind that something is ‘strange’ with those nouns/adjectives).

The point of these info lines would not be to help you learn new stuff, but to help you remember complex things that you have already stumbled upon.

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I understand your point and I’m delighted that you propose new features. I’m a bit hesitant due to the workload and the fear of overloading the course with too much information. But I certainly appreciate your idea. Let me think about it and maybe try it out (internally). I need some time to give you a definite answer. Considerable time. Not before I’m done with my upcoming 5000 Swedish course which won’t be ready in early spring or so. Alternatively: what about becoming my co-contributor? You could add a new “grammar hints” column that could contain the information you have proposed above. Alternatively, I could provide you with the data of this course and you could build your own course tailored to your needs.

I have never tried to create a Memrise course, but I assume it would not be too difficult for me to add this info, at least regarding verbs. You can try it out on a couple of examples, and if you like it, you can add me as a co-contributor. You can give me how-to guideline for adding info line (or link to some tutorial), and then I can slowly add info. Anyway, the course is already extremely good and useful even without such additional features. Thank you for creating it.

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That sounds good. As I said, I’ll need some time to check that out. Will report back to you. I’m sure you will manage - it ain’t rocket science.

The following words have description errors: fleksibel, en serie, en visjon, uendelig.

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:white_check_mark: Thank you very much. I’ve corrected these obvious errors. I’m very glad that you took the time to report these issues. :heart:

The following entries have wrong description:
en serie
en kontrast

You could add additional description for:
ei art - species

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Tusen takk for telling me. Your feedback is highly appreciated. :sunflower: :heart:

  • langsom :white_check_mark:
  • en serie: not sure what’s wrong here. It includes mostly series as in TV shows. I added set to the description. I also clarified that set is mostly referring to set in sport (sets as in inning). Now it is: “a series, TV show; set, leg, round, season (in sports). [not en s…runde, et sett, et stell, ei enhet, en runde, en omgang, ei rekke]”
  • en kontrast :white_check_mark:
  • fleksibel not sure whats wrong here. I added some more definitions. It now reads: [fleksibel
    flexible, adaptable, pliable [not smidig, myk]
    ] Could you clarify that if there’s still an issue?
  • ei art added defs → :white_check_mark: [a (inborn) character, nature; kind, type, species (in taxonomy) [not et trekk, et preg, en type, en (et) slags, en bestand]]

I guess, I have fixed serie and flexibel after your first report. You may have to clear your cache to see the changes.

I see now that I have reporter «en serie» and «fleksibel» before, and I assume that you have already corrected it (the same entry was repeated in the «not…» part of the description). I am mostly using the offline (downloaded) version of your course, so it probably wasn’t updated with your corrections. Sorry for the confusion.

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The following words have wrong description:
å avsløre
EN kurs (noun m)
ei matvare

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Thx for telling me :heart:

Corrected all entries. Was not really sure what’s wrong with that but I added some context. Perhaps you could elaborate on en kurs?