[Course Forum] 5000 most frequent Danish Words ♫ Audio

★ Please see the syllabus for my methodology and sources ★ Please report errors ★ Submit your proposals and ideas ★ Contribute in any shape of form ★

Quick update:

:speaking_head: I am in the process of adding audio. It’s all on my disk, waiting to be uploaded in the next couple of days.

For the time being, typing is disabled. :keyboard: :no_entry_sign: This will allow me to quickly browse :mag_right: through the course in order to find and patch :adhesive_bandage: initial errors. Eventually, typing will be activated again. Can’t comment on the exact time frame, but this will happen more likely in :two::zero::two::one: rather 2020 since I’m currently focusing on my course 5000 most frequent Norwegian Words ♫ Audio. This is also the reason why this course still may feel a bit rough around the edges. Definitions are pretty basic and answer hints ([not xxxx]) are limited.

:bulb: That being said, you can already submit your ideas and findings. I’ll incorporate them as soon as possible. Here’s an idea how you can effectively report errors (of course you should share a link to your own album since the one below is for the Norwegian course):

Audio is up. (In the long-term some entries which share a common audio file (e.g. a verb and noun that are essentially spelled the same) must be reworked so that each entry has an unambiguous audio file so that you can pass the audio-only excercises)

Hello @Robert-Alexander,

There is an error in Level 1 of this course. The 10th word in this level is det and the meaning is:
the, that, it [not den, det]. One can see that det is also grouped with den in the [not] section, and this makes it very confusing when reviewing words. I would appreciate it if you could fix this. Thank you!

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Thx for telling me. I’ve checked de, det, den and fixed the error. Thx again.

:up: Quick update Started to check the entries :ballot_box_with_check: . Will take some time. :timer_clock: But expect some improvements concerning some flawed definitions coming in the next couple of weeks.

You can contribute and/or track my process: add your annotated screenshots https://photos.app.goo.gl/Y8SR1pFaNRAbCcxZ7 I’ll work my way through one by one.

Quick update :arrows_counterclockwise: I have reworked :construction_worker_man: many of the first :three::zero::zero::zero: entries. Corrected a few audio files, added some definitions, removes some duplicates, added many answer hints [not xxx]