[Course Forum] 5000 Most Common French Words

On Level 14 of this course there is a little problem with the translation. The French word is “un dirigeant” and the translation is “leader [not “leader”]”. @chartalegna can you please change the translation so that it’s not confusing. Perhaps you meant it to be "leader [not chef]? Thanks.

Have you missed the already existing course thread? You can find it here.

Re-reading your post: a “chef” can be translated as leader, but I’ve never heard that (might not mean anything, it’s not like I was living in France!). As unbelievable as it might seem, there really is a French word “un(e) leader”, so it’s actually correct as it is now.

Thanks @Olaf.Rabbachin - I realise “leader” is correct. My point in the translation is the repetition. It makes no sense as having "leader [not “leader”] as the answer because then one can easily expect the correct answer to be something else and not leader. I hope you can follow my logic. It makes sense to me - LOL!

The point is that the course teaches both “un/une leader” and “un dirigeant” so you simply need the information to distinguish between the two alternatives when answering. Haven’t come across “chef” yet, but I suppose if this word was part of the course, the “not …” would also carry that word.

I accept "un/une leader” and “un dirigeant” is 100% correct. I have zero argument with that. Let’s forget in my first post above I used the word chef (which BTW Chartalagna did use in Level 4 with ‘leader’ being one of the answers). Anyway put that aside. In my opinion, this would be clearer if the translation for “dirigeant” was “leader”. Having “leader [not leader]” is the issue. Put another way, the the translation for “dirigeant” is “leader” (which I accept), why is an alternative then added in brackets with the very same word in the negative?

Because that’s the way the course is organised: “English word [not French word(s)]”. I know it’s stupid in this case as both the English and the French word are identical.

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Case closed - thank you @Olaf.Rabbachin.

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