[Course Forum] 5000 Important words in Greek


(Neal P Carey) #555

Correct, fixed.

(Neal P Carey) #556

OK, I’ve switched the primary and Alts to make Βρώμη primary.

(Neal P Carey) #557

I don’t see this. I just looked it up and it shows:

Is it possible you saw this somewhere else? I also searched the database for “το μαθητής” and didn’t find any occurrences of it.

(Neal P Carey) #558

I’ve uploaded a new worksheet with all of the latest changes/edits:


(Vukasin092) #559

For some reason, it shows only on the mobile app (iOS); later I looked for it on the PC and I found only ο μαθητής. The question is why it appears differently on the mobile app?

(Neal P Carey) #560

I have no idea. There are a lot of quirky things about Memrise and I wouldn’t even know where to begin to figure this one out. Have you looked in the forums to see if others have reported data issues between the computer and mobile version? Sorry I cannot help more.

(spdl79) #561

Thanks so much for all the fixes Neal, much appreciated! And yes, Greek is much better than French :slight_smile: Looking forward to the new words; I still haven’t quite fully worked my way through the existing ones, but am almost there. Life is busy here!

(Neal P Carey) #562

OK, just as a tease, I’ve completed Level 177 (4426-4450) and uploaded a new worksheet.

Same link as above.

(Hydrogen Exemptions) #563

Level 13, βατόμουρο has the translation of berry. “Berry” is just μούρο though. I think βατόμουρο is more specifically either blackberry or raspberry?

(Neal P Carey) #564
  • you are correct that the proper order of translation ought to be “raspberry, blackberry, berry” - but I find this in Level 38, not 13. I have fixed this. You will find το μούρο as berry in Level 169

(Neal P Carey) #566

Levels 178-187 are now complete. A couple of words still need audio/pronunciations.

We are now at 4,778 words! The goal is 5000, at least for now.

An updated worksheet is available:


(spdl79) #567

Awesome stuff, thanks Neal. I keep getting distracted by life in Crete, but I’ll hopefully catch up to where you are with the course shortly!

(Neal P Carey) #568

I am thinking that when I get to 5K words it might be time to rename to “5,000 Important Words in Greek” - thoughts?

Levels 188, 189, 190, 191, 192, 193, 194, 195 are now complete and a new worksheet is available.

Level 196 under construction.


Word count: 4,990 - closing in on the target!

(Neal P Carey) #569

Word Count: 5,001 - The 5K target has been reached! The course title will be updated to reflect this important milestone.

1943666000161014224229 5,000 Important Words in Greek

New (but not yet final!) worksheet uploaded:

All words have audio. Please post here if you find any issues with anything.

(spdl79) #570

Awesome stuff Neal! Great job and thanks for all the work you’ve put into the course over the past couple of years.

(Neal P Carey) #571

Thanks, it was a good feeling to finally reach this point. I have fixed a few issues in the worksheet and uploaded a new one as well as to fix some of the audio entries.

The worksheet has been renamed to “Memrise_5000_Important_Words_In_Greek.xlsx” to reflect the course name change. The link should still work fine.

So now? I’ll wait for the ‘error’ reports to start coming in :wink:

(Neal P Carey) #572

I’ve extended the list a bit more, we’re now at 5,295 words with a several more levels added, including 50+ new (and hopefully very) useful phrases. Almost all now are pronounced, very few remaining.

As I continue to find reasonably common words that are not in the course I am collecting them and adding them. I will continue to do that as I study.

If anyone finds words they know aren’t there (please check in the worksheet first - link above), then please submit them here and I’ll add them.

I have been adding Greek holidays and in doing so have relocated 7 words from 121 to 205, they continue to show as “learned”.

An updated worksheet is continually uploaded and available at:


(⊂◉‿◉つ) #573

Good job @neal.p.carey

(Denkinator Invictus) #574

Hi, I hope I am not posting this in the wrong spot.

Level 178: η προσπέλαση, a noun, is mistakenly translated as though a verb. I apologize in advance if you are already aware.

Ευχαριστώ πολύ to the makers of this page for this priceless tool (work of art, really), and for all your efforts improving it. Many thanks to spdl, also, for all the updates.

(spdl79) #575

You’re welcome! There will be plenty more when I get back around to acquiring more words (I have less time for learning Greek than I ever had, now that I actually live in Greece :slight_smile:)