[Course Forum] 5000 Important words in Greek


(Steve Kaczynski) #535

It seems to be a technical problem hitting quite a few other users, not exclusive to this Greek one, also other languages, like Japanese hiragana not being offered.

(spdl79) #536

A couple more:

  • Level 164 η μεγαλόπολις, perhaps this is an ancient variant? I think the modern spelling might be μεγαλόπολη. That’s all I’ve got in my Oxford, in any case
  • Level 164 η μανία. Sounds to me like that could be the ancient Greek pronunciation - I think there’s a modern Greek pronunciation on Forvo

(spdl79) #537

That’s not a bug, I think that’s a feature. IIRC all courses are like that now, and unless all the available/possible letters are physically keyed in by the course creator, you’re only presented with the correct letters plus a few decoys. So, I could be wrong, but think unless Neal has entered the whole alphabet into the column for the level, on PC, you’ll only get a selection of letters and not the whole alphabet. On mobile, you are only ever presented with a selection of letters regardless.

(Steve Kaczynski) #538

They appear to have come back. I use a laptop, not a mobile and normally I have all the letters. Moreover, the eight letters being offered in today’s odd demarche were not even the correct ones, so I suspect it is a glitch.

(spdl79) #539

Ah, yes, I can see other users have posted about it now - does indeed seem to be a glitch.

(spdl79) #540

Level 170: I think το δημητριακά might be better as either τα δημητριακά or το δημητριακό

(spdl79) #541

Also Level 170: ο μάραθος. Can you please add το μάραθο as an alt? Certainly in Crete at least, that’s the more common way to spell it. And also, might be best to change the English to ‘fennel leaves’ or ‘fennel fronds’ or something like that. I’m not sure if things are different in ‘the up’, but on the island φινόκιο is used to refer to the fennel bulb, which I guess is what most people think of when you say fennel. μάραθο only refers to the leaves/fronds. Thanks Neal!

(Immortal Sir Nz) #542

Level 140: I think that Το επίδεσμος should be a male noun. I’m seeing it that way in my Oxford and various online sources.

(Vukasin092) #543

Level 176: in the place of η σάστισμα, there should be το σάστισμα

(Hydrogen Exemptions) #544

Level 25, βρόμη should have βρώμη as its primary I think. Although etymologically omicron is correct, omega is much more common in modern. (with omega, the word is the 32k most common word in modern greek. With omicron it is not in the top 50k, and occurs about 1/10 as often. (252 vs 23 occurrences)


(Vukasin092) #545

Level 85: It shows το μαθητής, not ο μαθητής.

(Neal P Carey) #546

Yes, fixed.

(Neal P Carey) #547

Changed ώστε να to “so as to” which, I think it a little more accurate, and made “so that” an Alt.

Yes, it is neuter, now :slight_smile:

(Neal P Carey) #548

Changed to new recording. Please try to provide the level when reporting issues/problems, makes them easier to fix.

(Neal P Carey) #549

Yes, primary now μεγαλόπολη, Alt is μεγαλόπολις

(Neal P Carey) #550

Yes it was, my mistake. Fixed.

(Neal P Carey) #551

:slight_smile: Not a bug, a feature! I hear that ALL the time in the software development/testing world where I reside!

(Neal P Carey) #552

Yes, I chose to change it to “τα”.

(Neal P Carey) #553

Done, also order is now: fennel fronds, fennel leaves, fennel

I have put φινόκιο on the list. I’ve collected almost 500 more words to add, which I’ll work on over the summer. I’ve been away from Greek for a spell, working on some French, but I enjoy Greek more and will be back soon.

(Neal P Carey) #554

Correct, fixed.