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(Immortal Sir Nz) #514

Crab is here twice, once as κάβουρας in 118 (Alted as καβούρι), and another as καβούρι, in 84. I don’t know if this is considered a dupe, but I thought I would report it.

(Neal P Carey) #515

These are both cross-Alt’d to each other, so I would not consider these a dupe.

(spdl79) #516

G’day Neal!

I hope you’re well. So, I’m now living in Crete! We’ve finally got the internet hooked up to the house, so I’ll be around a bit more again (although I probably won’t get around to the newer levels for quite some time, as I’m still incredibly busy - ironically I have less time available to learn Greek here than I did in London).

Anyway, just a small one for now: Level 81, θύμα, this is given as a feminine noun, and articled as such, but unless I’m wrong, it should be neuter.

All the best,

(Neal P Carey) #517

Good to hear from you Sean. Very exciting news indeed! You must be having a blast. Good luck putting all your Greek to work on a daily basis.

We spent a little time in Crete back in 2000 and thoroughly enjoyed it. Landed by boat at Iraklion, traveled east to Agios Nikolas, went around almost the entire island except for west of Chania. Left by boat from Souda, which ironically was the only port we were anchored in back in 1975 when I was in the Navy!

Fixed, thanks! Updated worksheet as well, same link as somewhere above.

(spdl79) #518

It’s good that I can hear and speak Greek every day - very few people in the village speak English and everyone else knows I’m trying to learn, so they just speak Greek to me anyway - but I have very little time for active studying. The house we’re living in is fantastic but hadn’t been maintained very well for the past decade or so, there is a huge amount of work getting everything back in shape. And we somehow ended up with two dogs within a week of arriving! So I’m not able to spend much time in front of my computer at the moment.

You missed the best bit :wink: You’ll have to come back.

Thanks for amending.

(Neal P Carey) #519

Βεβαίως! We will come back and Crete is high on the list!

(spdl79) #520

Excellent, and please do look us up if you make it!

One more gender/article fix, while we’re at it: Level 85, pupil, is given as neuter but I think it may be masculine.

(Neal P Carey) #521

Yes, of course! I have changed it to ο and for the gender it shows as m./f. - FWIW the feminine form was alway there.

(Neal P Carey) #522

Καλά Χριστούγεννα και Ευτυχές το νέο έτος σε όλους τους μαθητές της ελληνικής!


(spdl79) #523

Και εσύ, Νεαλ!

(spdl79) #524

G’day Neal,

Nice quick one. Level 83, ο ερμηνευτής. The primary here is given as ‘player’. I think one of the secondaries - expositor, expounder, interpreter - might be better here. Player for me is παίχτης, and ερμηνευτής comes from
ερμηνεύω, which is to interpret, construe, explain, expound etc. Cheers!

(Neal P Carey) #525

OK, I’ve put “interpreter (actor)” with _interpreter as Alt as the primary. Given the explanatory sentence is: “Ο ερμηνευτής είναι αυτός που κάνει ερμηνεία ενός θεατρικού.” this makes the most sense to me. Expositor/expounder are rather uncommon words in English so I’d avoid those. I’ve also added “performer” as an Alt.

(spdl79) #527

Thanks for that Neal!

One more: Level 124, θέλημα. It’s listed and articled as feminine but I think it might be neuter.

(Neal P Carey) #528

OK, fixed. And I’ve uploaded an updated worksheet:


(spdl79) #529

G’day Neal! It’s been a while. I’m finally trying to get around to finishing off the last batch of words you added (it’s been a busy few months…).

So, here’s a nice easy one to start with: φώνημα, Level 157. This is marked as feminine and articled accordingly but I think it might be neuter?

(Neal P Carey) #530

Yes Sean, you think right, again! :slight_smile: Fixed. New worksheet:


(Hydrogen Exemptions) #531

μακρυνός should be μακρινός ?

(spdl79) #532

Many thanks for that last one Neal. I hope you’re well. Anyway, a couple more small ones when you’ve got a moment:

  • Level 158 ώστε and Level 159 ώστε να could do with disambiguating
  • Level 161 χάσμα is listed as feminine and articled as such, but I think it might be neuter

Thank you!

(Hydrogen Exemptions) #533

For πνεύμονας, a much better recording has been uploaded to Forvo that I believe will better teach the pronunciation, in the current recording, the π is almost imperceptible.

(Steve Kaczynski) #534

There appears to be something wrong with Classic Review. Instead of the full panoply of the Greek alphabet to key in Greek words, only five or six letters are being offered.