[Course Forum] 5000 Important words in Greek


(Neal P Carey) #473

OK @Spoonashy I’ve completed fixing all of the verbs by adding the ‘to’ where appropriate. So, if you find any more (hopefully not), just let me know.

I have changed the primary for συσχετισμός to be association with relationship as the Alt.

For φεύγω I have added “(to go away”) to the English with the appropriate Alts.

(Steve Kaczynski) #475

I have accounted for the four missing words - four more had been added to the vulgarities section which I put on ignore, and since I don’t go there I overlooked them.

(Neal P Carey) #476

OK, good to know there isn’t something wrong with the course.

(Neal P Carey) #477

OK, all of the cognates and cooking terms have now been completed, Levels 161-173, plus Level 174. Only 175 at this time is considered under construction as a place holder for future words.

The word count at present stands at 4,453.

Only 547 more words needed to reach the 5K goal! :wink:

I have just uploaded another new spreadsheet, which has yet more context sentences. There are still 774 words in the ‘course’ that need context sentences. This worksheet has a new tab for those words requiring context examples. In addition I am adding more second/third meanings where it makes sense.

I will work through these over time, but this will be a rather large effort. If anyone would like to submit examples of anything on the ‘context’ tab, please FEEL FREE to do so!


(spdl79) #478

G’day Neal,

Hope all’s well. Just a couple of nice easy small ones for when you have a moment:

Thank you!

(I’m still not really in a position to work on sample sentences right now, as I’m trying to add at least 25 words a day to my own course and learn them, so between that and Duo and book learning κτλ, I haven’t got much time for anything else - sorry!)

(Neal P Carey) #479

Both are now fixed. I wish they were all this simple :slight_smile:

(spdl79) #480

One more simple one then: I think the En primary for αυταρχικός should probably be ‘autocratic’ and that the PoS should be changed to an adjective. Even if it can stand as a noun once it’s articled, I think the much more common usage for it would probably be in an adjectival sense - my Oxford and El Wiktionary don’t list a nounal use for it at all. Word Reference does, but for only 2 out of about 15 definitions.

(Neal P Carey) #481

Agreed, changed to adjective, added “despotic, bossy, overbearing” as Alts. The context sentence stands as it was using an adjectival form already.

I’ve also done another 60-odd context sentences and uploaded a new worksheet. I think the list is down to around 660 or so. In addition to adding the contexts, I’m adding secondary/tertiary translations as well wherever I can.

Update: new worksheet uploaded today (Aug 1), down to about 500 remaining.

Another Update: a new worksheet uploaded today (Aug 3), down to 373 remaining (from the list of 774). And, added a few new words in Level 175, now at 4,467!

Yet Another: worksheet uploaded (Aug 7), down to 339, moving along slowly but surely.


(spdl79) #482

Awesome stuff Neal! Hope all is well.

While you’re at it, I’ve just got a few queries from the past week.

  • Level 41 ειδικός ‘special’ and Level 60 ιδιαίτερος ‘particular’. As far as I understand these two words, I’d actually swap the primaries around. I could be wrong, but don’t think you’d ever say “αποψε είναι ειδικό”, it’d be “απόψε είναι ιδιαίτερο”. Conversely, for a sentence like “αυτός έχει ειδικό ενδιαφέρον στη χημεία”, I don’t think ιδιαίτερος would work. That’s my understanding, anyway - though I could be incorrect
  • Level 8 ξερός, could you add ξηρός as an alt? I believe both forms are correct and widely used, but I can never remember which one is ‘correct’ in this course!
  • Level 159 άνοδος, I think you may have this as masculine, but I think it’s actually feminine (as are all the -οδος nouns I’ve come across so far)

Thank you!

(Neal P Carey) #483

Primaries now swapped 'round.

ξηρός is now an alt spelling.

right you are, good catch, fixed!

(spdl79) #484

Cheers Neal!

(Neal P Carey) #485

Now down to just 250 context sentences to go. I have discovered a couple of words that were just wrongly defined and have had to fix them. See έργο in Level 47, previously defined as theatrical play, but more often means “work, project, movie, film, (and) play, opera, opus” so I have changed the primary to “project” with all these others as Alts, including theatrical play, although it really should be θεατρικό έργο.

A new worksheet has been uploaded:


I’ve added more context sentences and am now down to 199 remaining. I also just (morning Aug 12) uploaded a new worksheet (same link above).

Even more done today - down to 120! New worksheet.

I’m down to 78 remaining today, new worksheet uploaded and I’ve identified just about enough new words to get us to 5,000. Those of course take longer to add than just context sentences :slight_smile:

OK, down to 35 now, perhaps will finish in the next day or two. New worksheet uploaded. Will not likely start on adding any of the new words for a few weeks, but they are in the spreadsheet for anyone who wants a look at what is coming.

(spdl79) #486

Awesome stuff Neal, great work! I’m shortly off to Crete for 5 weeks and have also been busy with my own course/learning, but I’m planning to tackle all the words you’ve added recently later on in the year (I’m at 3883/4471 of your course; I’ve now got over 4,000 in mine and am growing that by around 25 words a day and learning the words whilst doing so).

I’ve more or less graduated from children’s books and I’ve started reading the websites of Greek newspapers lately, and by golly they’re hard! They seem to love using λόγιος and καθαρεύουσα words at every possible opportunity - I keep coming across words that I often struggle to find dictionary definitions for. I remember reading some time ago, when I was first considering learning Greek, that the newspapers are dense, and, well, they certainly are.

(Neal P Carey) #487

All of the context sentences are now complete and a new worksheet has been uploaded. There are currently 4,471 words in the course and the new worksheet has a list of 515 remaining to be added (over time), which will get us to 4,986, just shy of my (personal) target of 5,000 (a nice round number). That is where I will likely stop and call this project complete!



(spdl79) #488

Howdy Neal, just a small one: Level 133, μέγεθη παπουτσιών - I think the tonos in μέγεθη needs to shift toward one syllable. I don’t know why, as it’s not genitive and it hasn’t gained a syllable, but it seems to switch to μεγέθη in the plural. Thank you!

(Neal P Carey) #489
  • fixed μεγέθη!

(Neal P Carey) #490

Attention all learners/users - I have added a set of new (but still empty) levels, 20 to be exact. Once completed this will bring the course to 5,000 where we will likely stop. The extra, miscellaneous levels have now been pushed to the end of the course. A new worksheet is now uploaded which contains all of the new words that will be added in case anyone is interested:


The current word count is 4,479.

(spdl79) #491

Cheers! Much appreciated.

(spdl79) #492

One more quick one, dupe issue: for ‘young’, we’ve got L36 νέος and L63 νεαρός. I don’t think they’re cross-alted. Also think the secondary definition (‘new’) would be much better for νέος.

(Steve Kaczynski) #493

I have trouble with understanding the spoken language and this course is only of limited utility with that (you have to become used to it in conversation or on TV and no Memrise course can help with that). However, I now have passive recognition of thousands of Greek words, largely through this course although I completed a smaller one previously, and I have found I can largely get the gist of newspaper articles now.