[Course Forum] 5000 Important words in Greek


(Neal P Carey) #412

Yes, I understand but this is not a traditional ice cube tray, it is a bag you fill and it makes individual cubes, rather clever! In fact we plan to bring several packages of them home.

(Philip Newton) #413

Perhaps ice cube bag? Google Images finds a fair number of hits for that – have a look and see whether it’s similar to what you have.

(Neal P Carey) #414

that seems ok, perhaps with ice tray as an Alt

(spdl79) #415

G’day Neal,

I hope you’re having (had?) a great time in Greece. I’ve worked my way through a few new levels and have come up with some homework for you :wink:

  • Level 9 κέλυφος and Level 121 τσόφλι need disambiguating
  • Level 18 υπηρετώ and Level 121 σερβίρω could do with disambiguating
  • Level 23 κορνίζα and Level 107 τελάρο could do with disambiguating
  • Level 31 διορθώνω appears again in Level 123
  • Level 37 πάλι and Level 115 ξανά need to be cross-alted or disambiguated
  • Level 39 λόγου χάρη has no audio
  • Level 39 παλεύω and Level 55 αγωνίζομαι could do with disambiguating
  • Level 41 έντερο and Level 121 κοκορέτσι could do with disambiguating
  • Level 48 αυτή still has the audio for εκείνη
  • Level 114 contains 26 words, not 25
  • Level 116 κουλούρι. I don’t think this translates very well, but I’m not sure I’d call it a bagel. Would a better primary perhaps be ‘bread ring’?
  • Level 119 μπισκότα and Level 123 φρυγανιά could do with disambiguating
  • Level 121 κερασάκια. Strictly speaking, that’s not the plural of κεράσι, it’s the plural of the diminutive. I’ve entered κεράσια and been marked incorrectly a few times already. An image search seems to imply that κερασάκι are processed/glace cherries, while κεράσι are fresh. Could you either add κεράσια as an alt, or amend the primary?
  • Level 121 σοκολατάκια, we’ve got the exact same issue here too - it’s the plural of the diminutive
  • Level 121 γλυκοπατάτα needs an unarticled alt
  • Level 121 καταΐφι. Query: is this just a different spelling of κανταΐφι or are they fundamentally different things?
  • Level 121 πάστες. I don’t know if it’s a common term in the US, but I’d never heard of pastes before - might ‘pastries’ be a better primary?
  • Level 122 άγιος βασίλης needs an unarticled alt
  • Level 125 ταιριάζει would be better as ταιριάζω given that all verbs elsewhere in the course (unless impersonal) are 1PS
  • Level 126 παιδικά ρούχα. For the consistency, should we have ‘παιδικά’ as an alt? We’ve got γυναικεία and ανδρικά in the course without the ρούχα/ενδύματα that usually follows
  • Level 127 ανδρικά. It might be best to have αντρικά as an alt for this; both forms appear to be in common use
  • Level 127 αξεσουάρ, I understand it’s indeclinable, but should the article be τα? Or is it one of those words that’s plural in En but singular in El?
  • Level 127 κρεμάστρα needs an unarticled alt

No rush on any of these and as always I’ll defer to your superior command of Greek…

That’s it for now, but I’m currently trying to work my way through the remaining 800 or so words…

(spdl79) #416
  • Level 86 μπουφάν and Level 128 σακάκι need disambiguating
  • Level 128 φράκο needs an unarticled alt
  • Level 128 κουστούμι needs an unarticled alt
  • Level 128 κουστούμι should also accept κοστούμι as an alt (I think the version without an upsilon is actually more common) NB: Edit from 25/05: This is actually a dupe of Level 85 κοστούμι
  • Level 128 κοντομάνικο needs an unarticled alt
  • Level 128 μπλουτζίν/τζιν both need unarticled alts
  • Level 128 κοντομάνικο πουκάμισο needs an unarticled alt
  • Level 128 σμόκιν needs an unarticled alt
  • Level 128 μακό μπλουζάκι and κοντομάνικο need disambiguating
  • Level 128 γκαμπαρτίνα needs an unarticled alt
  • Level 128 γκαμπαρτίνα should include καμπαρντίνα as an alt (I think the version without a gamma is more common)
  • Level 128 βερμούδα needs an unarticled alt
  • Level 128 πανωφόρια needs an unarticled alt
  • Level 128 μακό μπλουζάκι needs an unarticled alt
  • Level 128 σακάκι needs an unarticled alt
  • Level 128 καλοκαρινά needs an unarticled alt
  • Level 128 καλοκαρινά should probably include καλοκαιρινά as an alt, as that seems to be the more common spelling

(Neal P Carey) #417

Well, you have certainly been busy while I am away. We are still in Greece but I will attend to all of these lists upon my return in a few days. This is difficult to do on an iPad! I have added another Level’s worth of words, ones I’ve encountered during our trip. Note the emphasis on wine! We are currently on Τζιά in the port town of of Κορισσία, a lovely place. Cheers!

(spdl79) #418

Thanks Neal! No rush. I’ll keep adding updates in chunks - I do want to try and catch up with you over the next couple of weeks! Κορισσία does look lovely. Keep enjoying the rest of your holiday and I’m sure I’ll find your words on wine very useful when I’m next in Greece myself!

(spdl79) #419
  • Level 38 βέργα and Level 129 κοντάρι need disambiguating
  • Level 68 τυπώνω and Level 131 εκτυπώνω need cross-alting or disambiguating
  • Level 129 σκουφάκι might be better as ‘beanie’. I think anyone who has completed the Duo tree would enter σκουφός or καπέλο for ‘cap’. Image searching, I also can’t really see what the difference is between the diminutive and the full word. And we’ve already got σκουφός elsewhere as ‘skullcap’
  • Level 129 φουλάρι might be better as ‘light scarf’ or something similar. Scarf, for me, implies κασκόλ, but κασκόλ are a bit heavier and thicker than φουλάρια. And we’ve already got scarf/κασκόλ earlier in the course
  • Level 129 υπαίθριο παζάρι needs an unarticled alt
  • Level 130 γλάρος needs an unarticled alt
  • Level 131 κατάστημα υποδηματών. Unless I’m mistaken, the tonos for υποδηματών should be on the alpha
  • Level 131 υποδηματοπωλείο might be better as shoe shop
  • Level 131 επιδιόρθωσεις υποδημάτων should be a noun phrase. Might also be better primaried as ‘shoemakers/shoe repairers’

(spdl79) #420
  • Level 113 ράφτης appears again in Level 132
  • Level 131 βάψιμο needs disambiguation from the other painting words. ‘painting (act of)’ might be a better En primary here, and βαφή should probably also be added as an El alt
  • Level 132 we have βουρτσίζω for ‘to brush shoes’. This is just the verb for brush, so it’d be best to amend the En to ‘brush’, or to stick a τα παπούτσια in the El
  • Level 132 ραφείο. I could be mistaken, but I think the En for this should be ‘tailor’s shop’
  • Level 132 πρόβα. Minor typo; the En for this should be ‘rehearsal’
  • Level 133 στενεύω. For consistency with the other verbs, the En for this should be ‘to narrow’
  • Level 133 κονταίνω. Same goes for this, a ‘to’ might be good here
  • Level 133 φαρδύς. We’ve got πλατύς for ‘wide’ in Level 35. Might be best to cross-alt these two, otherwise you’ll have to re-primary quite a few variants of one or the other
  • Level 134 φάρδος and level 64 πλάτος. Same deal here; might make more sense to simply cross-alt rather than change all variants of one of them to something like ‘broad’

(spdl79) #421
  • Level 34 μήκος and Level 134 μάκρος need cross-alting or disambiguating
  • Level 129 βελόνα πικάπ and Level 156 γραφίδα need disambiguating
  • Level 133 φαρδαίνω should be ‘to widen’
  • Level 133 γεμίζω το πλυντήριο should be a verb phrase
  • Level 133 ποιότητα needs an unarticled alt
  • Level 133 περιποιήση των ρούχων, I think the tonos should be on the iota and not the eta
  • Level 133 ρυθμίζω το πρόγραμμα should be a verb phrase
  • Level 133 πλένω στο χέρι should be a verb phrase
  • Level 133 απλώνω τα ρούχα should be a verb phrase and might also be better as ‘hang the clothes’
  • Level 134 ασιδερωτός, I believe the tonos should be on the epsilon
  • Level 134 ανδρικός is classified as a noun. It doesn’t have an article though and it’s got the adjectival forms as alts
  • Level 134 ανδρικός, γυνακείο and παιδικό could perhaps have a En suffix of ‘(item of clothing)’ to reinforce the point that they’re the singular versions of ανδρικά, γυναικεία and παιδικά
  • Level 134 μέγεθη. I believe the tonos shifts forward to the second epsilon when μέγεθος pluralises
  • Level 134 η μεγέθη ρούχων doesn’t look quite right to me – should it be τα μεγέθη ρούχων (clothing sizes), or το μέγεθος ρούχων (clothing size)?
  • Level 134 η μέγεθη παπουτσιών, the same. Looks like it should be τα μεγέθη or το μέγεθος

(Neal P Carey) #422

Sean, I’ve made a list of all of these in sorted order so I can work through them. Hope to start w/in a few days now that I’m back. Greece was wonderful BTW!!

(spdl79) #423

Thanks Neal, glad you had a great time! Looks like you had lovely weather too.

No rush, of course - apart from anything else, I appreciate that I’m coming up with a lot of stuff. I’ll try to continue cracking on with it next week (I’m currently at 3324/3940) and will keep on posting in chunks.

(spdl79) #424
  • Level 134 μεσαίος should have n and f variants as alts
  • Level 134 ανδρικός should have αντρικός as an alt
  • Level 134 γυνακείο, I believe should be spelled γυναικείο
  • Level 134 πουά needs an article
  • Level 135 χρωστώ. I’ve already encountered yet another way of spelling this – χρεωστώ – and I’d be grateful if you could chuck that in as an alt too

(spdl79) #425
  • Level 26 αναζητάω appears again in Level 137 αναζητώ/αναζητάω
  • Level 42 δείχνω reappears in Level 137
  • Level 99 φασιστής. I was told by a native speaker that this form, although technically correct, is practically never used, and that φασίστας is preferable. Would it be possible to make that the primary and φασιστής an alt?
  • Level 135 βαμβακερό μπλουζάκι. It’s in the diminutive, and the most common pictures that come up on an image search are childrenswear, so perhaps the En could be changed to ‘child’s cotton shirt’?
  • Level 135 μάλλινα perhaps should be something like wollenwear
  • Level 135 ντύνομαι should perhaps be ‘to dress oneself’ as it’s the passive and we’ve already got ντύνω elsewhere in the course. There are a few more instances to follow where I think passives could benefit from the addition of a ‘one’s…’
  • Level 135 ξεντύνομαι should perhaps then be ‘to undress oneself’
  • Level 135 γδύνομαι perhaps ‘to get oneself naked’
  • Level 135 κουμπώνω should be ‘to button’ as per the other verbs
  • Level 135 ξεκουμπώνω should maybe be ‘to unbutton’
  • Level 135 αλλάζω ρούχα should be a verb phrase
  • Level 135 δοκιμάζω ρούχα should be a verb phrase
  • Level 135 ξύνομαι should be ‘to scratch oneself’ as it’s passive and ξύνω also appears earlier in the course
  • Level 136 κρόταφος should probably be ‘temple (body part)’ or something similar, so that we’re not tempted to enter ναός
  • Level 137 βούρτσισμα (των δοντιών) should be a noun phrase
  • Level 137 κάνω μπάνιο should be a verb prhase
  • Level 137 κάνω ντους(ζ) should be a verb phrase
  • Level 137 λούζομαι (τα μαλλιά) should be ‘to wash one’s hair’ as it has a passive and active form
  • Level 137 ξεπλένω (τα μαλλιά) should be ‘to rinse hair’ in line with the other verbs
  • Level 137 σκουπίζω (τα μαλλιά) should be a verb phrase
  • Level 137 χτενίζομαι should be ‘to brush one’s hair’
  • Level 137 άφτερ-σέιβ, both variants could do with having a version without the dash in the middle – I think it’s more common just to have a space between the two words
  • Level 138 βάφομαι should be ‘to put makeup on oneself’

(spdl79) #426
  • Level 15 σοφίτα and Level 144 δώμα need cross-alting or disambiguating
  • Level 44 πρόταση appears again in Level 143
  • Level 59 άνεμος needs αέρας/ο αέρας added as alts if they haven’t been already
  • Level 60 γυαλιά appears again in Level 142. The Level 60 version has the article as singular (which I think is incorrect) and the Level 142 version correctly gives it as τα
  • Level 60 συσχετισμός and Level 144 σύλλογος need disambiguating (bear in mind we’ve already got a club, λέσχη, in Level 3 if you change the primary of σύλλογος to club. Might be best to change to ‘association (organisation)’, or to change συσχετισμός to ‘correlation’)
  • Level 140 ποδίατρος needs an unarticled alt
  • Level 140 προϊσταμένη, can you please add προϊστάμενος and ο προϊστάμενος as alts?
  • Level 141 κάψουλα should, I think, be ‘capsule’ in the singular or the El should be οι κάψουλες
  • Level 141 οινόπνευμα should probably be ‘rubbing alcohol’ or ‘surgical spirit’ or something similar as I think the first instinct of many users would be to define alcohol as αλκοόλ
  • Level 141 αναπηρικό καρότσι has no audio
  • Level 143 συννεφιά would be better as ‘cloudy weather’ (cloudy by itself sounds like an adjective)
  • Level 143 ανεβασμένος, ‘raised’ might be better here (fits better with ‘lowered’, and ‘up’ sounds quite adverby)
  • Level 143 λαλώ, the En ‘το crow’ uses a tau rather than a Latin T
  • Level 144 θεατρικός συγγραφέας, minor typo in the En, should be ‘playwright’

(spdl79) #427
  • Level 19 κλειδαριά and Level 147 κλειδωνιά need cross-alting and/or disambiguating (think the former is more vernacular and the latter more formal?)
  • Level 60 πάτωμα and Level 143 όροφος need disambiguating (storey might work well for the latter)
  • Level 146 ποντικός, can you please add ποντίκι as an alt, or tweak the primary? I think the neuter version is more common
  • Level 146 διαγωνισμό, I believe this should actually be διαγωνισμός. If a neuter version of it does exist – the fact there’s Forvo for it makes me think it might – I think it’s quite rare (it’s not in my dictionary or El Wiktionary), so can you please make διαγωνισμός the primary and διαγωνισμό an alt?
  • Level 146 δουλειά σε εξέλιξη might be better as ‘work in progress’ (no indefinite), so that there’s no a/the confusion. Or I guess you could add a version with μία as an alt to the El
  • Level 146 στήσω might be best to change to ‘to setup (future tense)’ as it’s the future tense of στήνω and the default for verbs in the course is present tense
  • Level 146 πίνακας ζωγραφικής might be a bit clearer as ‘painting (work of art)’

(Neal P Carey) #428

I’ve started, but not sure I can keep up with you! - I’ll use ‘this’ comment/reply to post all my changes so they don’t get lost!

Level 9 κέλυφος shell, casing, husk, Level 121 τσόφλι = eggshell & shell
Level 121 σερβίρω (drink or food)
Level 23 κορνίζα (picture) frame, Level 107 τελάρο (art) frame
Level 31 διορθώνω appears again in Level 123 – doesn’t appear in 31? Was this find from the worksheet?
Level 34 μήκος and Level 134 μάκρος cross-alted
Level 37 πάλι and Level 115 ξανά cross-alted
Level 38 βέργα rod, stick, pole, Level 129 κοντάρι pole (long stick)
Level 39 λόγου χάρη now has audio

(spdl79) #429

Many thanks Neal! As I say, no need to rush on your part - even if I’m rushing through things on my end! I’m keen to catch up with the (current) end of this course and I’ll then return to my kids’ books and my own course and Clozemaster etc.

διορθώνω - the spreadsheet says it’s in Level 31, but it’s actually in Level 32. A lot of my level readings are taken from the spreadsheet. If you can’t find them in the Memrise database, I’d say they’re usually either a level in front or behind - I think things might have been knocked slightly out of alignment somewhere along the line.

(spdl79) #430

Now at 3763/3940, so almost there…

  • Level 8 ρωτάω appears again in Level 148. If you keep the Level 148 version, it should have a ‘to’ in front of it as per the other verbs
  • Level 9 ξηρός and Level 150 στεγνός could probably do with cross-alting
  • Level 10 πατάκι and Level 150 χαλάκι need cross-alting or disambiguating (I think the latter is an alt for the former, but not vice-versa)
  • Level 25 ακουμπώ appears again in Level 151
  • Level 26 κήπος and Level 151 περιβόλι need disambiguating
  • Level 29 λαιμός reappears in Level 151
  • Level 34 πλοίο needs καράβι added as an alt if it hasn’t been done already
  • Level 35 γυαλί, Level 86 ποτήρι and Level 150 τζάμι all need disambiguating. I think something like ‘glass (material)’, ‘glass (drinking vessel)’ and ‘glass (pane)’ might work
  • Level 49 κουνάω and Level 150 τινάζω need disambiguating
  • Level 70 ανησυχώ and Level 152 χολοσκάω need cross-alting or disambiguating
  • Level 81 απαντάω appears again in Level 148
  • Level 90 ψάχνω and Level 151 γυρεύω could do with cross-alting or disambiguating (the former is probably preferable, as we’ve also got a lot of seek/ask verbs)
  • Level 103 χωρίς τρόπους, can you please change this to prepositional phrase, rather than adjective?
  • Level 110 παράγκα and καλύβα, and Level 151 καλύβι could all do with a bit of cross-alting or disambiguating
  • Level 119 καρυκεύματα and Level 148 αλατοπίπερο could do with disambiguating (I think changing the primary for the former to ‘condiments’ would be best here)
  • Level 129 πλατό and Level 148 πιατέλα need disambiguating
  • Level 137 βάφω and Level 149 ζωγραφίζω could do with disambiguating
  • Level 139, πνευμονολογικός. I could very well be wrong (it’s a bit too obscure for my dictionary), but I think this would be the adjective for the discipline, ie, pulmonary. I think πνευμονολόγος would be the noun for a practitioner of the discipline. That’s the pattern other similar words follow, anyway
  • Level 147 σκουπιδοντενεκές, can you please add σκουπιδοτενεκές as an alt? Both spellings appear to be legit, but the version without the extra nu seems to be more common
  • Level 149 ζωγραφιά needs to be disambiguated from all the other painting words. I think illustration might work
  • Level 149 ξύστρα, can you please add ξύστης as an alt? They appear to be used fairly interchangeably

(spdl79) #431
  • Level 40 ξεφεύγω appears again in Level 152
  • Level 87 νιπτήρας and Level 132 σκάφη could do with cross-alting or disambiguating
  • Level 112 υπάλληλος reappears in Level 152
  • Level 132 μαζεύω τα ρούχα, I think that this should maybe be ‘collect the clothes’. There’s a definite article in the El – which I think only needs to be there if we’re referring to specific clothes – so I think there should be a definite in the En too
  • Level 152 ζυγώνω and Level 154 πλησιάζω need cross-alting or disambiguating
  • Level 152 τολμάω, the audio is for the Ancient Greek pronunciation. There’s a modern Greek pronunciation on Forvo