[Course Forum] 5000 Important words in Greek


(Neal P Carey) #370

Yes, wall board, gypsum, sheetrock are all words used for this, but I’ve added plasterboard as an Alt.

  • I have changed this to tarpaulin (although in the US most would say just ‘tarp’ :slight_smile:) and canvas as an Alt because the primary for canvas is likely καμβάς which we have somewhere else.

(Neal P Carey) #371

Changed and clarified now.

(Steve Kaczynski) #372

I’ve got to 69% of the course, aided by the fact that it hasn’t been growing lately. If new words are added I will probably compensate by learning even more words in a typical day (I generally do at least one level a day, sometimes two). It is helping my Greek considerably although nobody learns a language from Memrise alone. I need to do more listening comprehension but that is not something Memrise can help with, although it is handy that most if not all words have audio.

(spdl79) #373

Many thanks for all those fixes Neal! I’m trying to catch up, so I’m hoping to get through a few hundred more this week. No rush on any of them though. Sheetrock? That’s definitely a new one to me!

(spdl79) #374

Yes, that’s definitely where I’m weakest too! I’ve only been doing formal classes for a couple of months, but using Memrise/Duo/Clozemaster for about a year before that. I can look at a chunk of Greek text and usually, if not understand it completely, be able to figure out more or less what’s going on. The same bit of text, spoken, I’ll often struggle to comprehend more than a few words.

I’ve also started listening to Greek music and watching Greek films, but was wondering if you had any tips for strengthening aural comprehension?

(Steve Kaczynski) #375

Sometimes I watch/listen to Youtube videos in Greek, and slow down the audio. I may listen to the same Youtube repeatedly.
Listening to Greek radio on the Internet is also an idea though I don’t do it as much as I should.

(spdl79) #376

Thanks Steve. Any videos/channels you really recommend? A lot of stuff I come across, either the audio quality is quite poor, and/or the speaking is just too quick.

(Steve Kaczynski) #377

I sometimes listen to Heidi (XAINTI). This is a Japanese animation of the Spyri story made in the 1970s, but it is on Youtube dubbed into Greek. It is relatively easy to understand, and I often slow the soundtrack down. It has been uploaded by more than one user but a large number of episodes have been put up by the user JOANNA BARBIE.
Episode 1 even has Greek subtitles though unfortunately the others do not seem to.

(spdl79) #378

Thank you so much for the recommendation Steve, I’ll definitely check it out.

(spdl79) #379

OK, a couple more.

  • Level 116 το ψωμί του τοστ. I could be wrong, but I think το ψωμί για τοστ is a more common way to formulate this, so perhaps we could chuck this in as an alt
  • Level 117 γαλακτοκομικά προϊόντα might be better primaried as ‘dairy products’

(spdl79) #380
  • Level 118 μύδια. The En primary for this is ‘clams’, but should it be ‘mussels’? Or are clams Stateside what we call mussels over here?
  • Level 118 λαχανικό should be primaried as ‘vegetable’, singular. We already already have vegetables, λαχανικά, in Level 17

(Neal P Carey) #381

Added alt of this without spaces for εν τω μεταξύ.

Changed καταραμένος to cursed, with darned as Alt.

τελάρο primary is now frame. I’ve added embroidery frame as an Alt, as well as Art Board, Stretcher, crate, etc.

γερός - clarified as old (of a person). They are not equivalent.

το βαπτιστικό - Added.

βαφτίζω added as Alt.

καινούργιος already has καινούριος as Alt.

τίποτε added as Alt for τίποτα

ρε. I have added an alt of βρε, but I’ve always understood they’re not exactly the same and ρε was more impolite.

Level 17 τροφή, Level 31 φαγητό - I’ve added foodstuffs as an Alt for τρόφιμα, but left food as primary for both because they are heavily cross-Alt’d. Also, I cannot remember the last time I encountered the word foodstuffs (at least here in the US).

τα μύδια - should have been mussels. I had always understood it to mean clams, which are definitely not the same as mussels. Perhaps the Greeks use the translation somewhat loosely. At any rate I’m substituting the word αχιβάδα (clam) for αεροδρόμιο in Level 114 to remove that dupe. Interesting that I’ve seen conch and quahog for αχιβάδα, but clam, conch, quahog are decidedly different things. I went quahogging years, they are like hard-shell clams but much bigger. And we’ve even eaten conch down in Florida (as I recall), or perhaps in the islands somewhere.

ψωμί για τοστ has been chucked in :slight_smile: - this came straight out of my book which is why I used it in that form.

τα γαλακτοκομικά προϊόντα - εντάξει

λαχανικό - fixed

εκείνη now has αυτή as Alt

στα δεξιά and στα αριστερά - both added as Alts

Level 113 ανθοπώλης - silly me I had ‘_ ο ανθοπώλης’ as the Alt! fixed.

Fixed typo in Level 113 ‘model (photographic)’

το χαρακτηριστικό - agreed, changed to characteristic

συμπληρώνω τα κενά - yes, of course. fixed. Took it literally as the instruction I encounter in one of my texts.

That’s all for today. I’ll keep working through your lists, may take a few more days!

(spdl79) #382

Many thanks Neal, much appreciated!

(spdl79) #383

Level 119!

  • We’ve got Level 10 ξύδι and Level 119 ξίδι. I think both spellings are valid; can you please remove one of them and include the alternative spelling as an alt for the other?
  • Level 119 τυποποιήμενα προϊόντα. προϊόντα has its dialutika but is missing its tonos
  • Level 119 ουϊσκι. This has a dialutika, but it should just be a tonos (it’s commonly mispelled)
  • Level 119 κρασί λευκό and κρασί κόκκινο. I’m going to defer to your stronger skills here, but is it acceptable to reverse the order on these? Usually in Greek, we have adjective and then the noun. And I’m sure that I’ve heard native speakers asking for λευκό κρασί. If there’s a legit grammar reason for them being that way, that’s fine, and I’d be interested to know what it is. If not though, would you be able to include λευκό κρασί and κόκκινο κρασί as alts?

(Neal P Carey) #384

μπακάλης removed from 112, added:
ο σκουπιδιάρης garbageman; dustman; trash collector noun m. Οι σκουπιδιάρηδες δεν βγαίνουν νύχτα.

(spdl79) #385

Thanks Neal! αχιβάδα still has the audio for αεροδρόμιο, if you could add that to your list of fixes. I’m learning words in English too, as I’d never heard of a quahog until you mentioned it :wink: Conches, I never knew were edible, either.

Package, we’ve got in the course twice, Levels 44 δέμα and Level 119 πακέτο. Changing the latter to ‘packet’ would be a nice easy fix.

(Neal P Carey) #386

Fixed the sound. FWIW, quahog is pronounced “ko-hog” and conch we pronounce “konk” :slight_smile:

(Neal P Carey) #387

OK, this is now fixed.

(Neal P Carey) #388

OK, added (formal/literary) for white for λευκός to distinguish from άσπρος

(Neal P Carey) #389

ΟΚ, tonos fixed.

I’ve change the primary to ουίσκι with ουϊσκι as the Alt. This is not a misspelled word, but another casualty from the great spelling reforms of the latter part of the 20th century :slight_smile: so as far as I know either is acceptable.

I agree that the primary ought to be λευκό κρασί and κόκκινο κρασί so I switched these and made the reverse ordered ones the Alts.

Removed ξίδι and added στα αλήθεια in fact; really; truthfully - Την αγαπώ, την αγαπώ στα αλήθεια. ξίδι is now an Alt for ξύδι.

Changed Level 119 πακέτο to packet with package as Alt.

I have a few more to do (soon), but I’ve uploaded a new spreadsheet to cover all of the changes so far: