[Course Forum] 5000 German Words (Top 87% sorted by frequency) by poncoosh

(Dylan Nicholson 548) #165

Any luck with this? You might have to contact Memrise, or maybe try a different browser.

(Wichtig Leland) #166

No Dylan, I still don’t have an Edit Button. I just wrote to Memrise Support so lets see if that takes care of the Problem.

(Wichtig Leland) #167

Dylan, here is the reply that Memries sent me. Leland

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January 31, 2018, 02:57 -0800

Thanks for getting in touch.

Unfortunately it looks like you are not yet in the list of contributors. Please contact the creator and ask them to try again - they can follow the steps below:

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  • Click ‘+ Add New’ on the right
  • Hit ‘Save’ at the bottom.

(Dylan Nicholson 548) #168

Looks like you were removed. Have re-added.

Signature missing

(Wichtig Leland) #169

It worked this time as I now have an Edit Course button. Leland

(Бјл) #170

Hi poncoosh,

Thanks for the effort making the course.

Can you please make a duplicate course, but in reverse?

I’d like to be shown a quiz word in German, and a correct answer should be in English.

(Wichtig Leland) #171

Hello Number 1, I think it is unlikely that anyone will make a “reverse” version of this program, but you can copy the words and put them into a Quizlet Study Set. With Quizlet you can construct the files anyway you want. Memrise also has programs for German-speaking English-language learners.

(Wichtig Leland) #172

Level 119 contained both the words “März” and “der März”. I deleted “der März”.

(Wichtig Leland) #173

Added a “-n” to “der Erwachsene -n -n” in Level 121 to show that it is a weak noun.

(Wichtig Leland) #174

Added the letter “-n” to der Verwandte in Level 133 to show that it is weak. All male nouns ending in “e” are weak.

(Alter8) #175


The audio pronunciation for this word is incorrect. Please remove or replace. Thanks.

(Wichtig Leland) #176

I’ll be glad to do that Alter8, but I need to know in which Level “während” is located.

(Wichtig Leland) #177

In Level 134, I deleted the plural form from “Trinkgeld” and added the female form as an alternative to “der Irre”.

(Wichtig Leland) #178

In level 135, I removed the pluralization symbol "e for the word Krach.

(Wichtig Leland) #179

Removed the word “der Irre -n” and replaced with “der Geisteskranker” in level 134.

(Wichtig Leland) #180

Level 135: deleted the “-s” for Euro and changed defintion of Garderobe to “the wardrobe, cloakroom”.

(Parix) #181

Hi! There’s a mismatch in the audio for the word “undefinierbar”(indefinable) in lesson 280. The audio I hear is for “Azubi”.

(Wichtig Leland) #182

Hi Parix! I deleted the audio file for “undefinierbar”. There is a really good audio for that word on dict.cc but I don’t know how to download it. If anybody knows how to download dict.cc audios, I would appreciate instruction on how to do it.

(Wichtig Leland) #183

I corrected the captalization on “geboren” in Level 41, and added to the definition.

(Dylan Nicholson 548) #184

Yeah I do know how but it’s not straightforward, and might depend on your browser.