[Course Forum] 5000 German Words (Top 87% sorted by frequency) by poncoosh

(Cesar Rodriguezdbbf) #145

zufolge has no sound.
kurzlebig has no sound.

(Cesar Rodriguezdbbf) #146

Also, adding sounds to the articles is a must have. It’s easier to memorize the nouns and their respective articles if we hear them over and over.

(Amanda Norrsken) #147

I think that it is difficult to find recordings (from forvo.com etc.) where the speakers use the articles and the nouns in question.

I have used forvo as a source for the audio on a number of Swedish courses and the speakers only ever seem to record the noun only, never with “en” or “ett” (the Swedish indefinite articles), so maybe the same is true for German?

(Cesar Rodriguezdbbf) #148

I understand that most of audio sources don’t include the article. But is
it possible to maybe assign two sounds to the word? Article + noun? It may
sound fragmented but maybe it helps.

(Amanda Norrsken) #149

I guess it would, but I think what would happen is that when reviewing, you would sometimes hear just “DER” or “DIE” or “DAS” and on the next encounter with the word you would hear the actual word itself.

But I guess that might still help to remember the article.

I used to make my own mems in my head for the articles, like this:

Words that take “DER” or “DEN” would need an adjective beginning with R or N (to remind me of the masculine gender), so I would picture in my head a Round table - which works in German, too, “ein runder Tisch”;

Words that take DIE would need an adjective beginning with I or E - not so easy to find, but then again, words that take DIE are usually easier to remember because of their typical endings like -e, -ung, -heit and so on.

Words that take DAS would need an adjective beginning with S, again it doesn’t really matter if the word is in your language or German. One I always got wrong was “Licht”, so I imagined a little bedroom with a night table next to a bed, on the table there was an old-fashioned lamp, casting a soft light - ein sanftes Licht - and this helped me - FINALLY!!! - to remember that it was DAS Licht and not “die” :slight_smile:

(Wmai) #150

Hi there! “Grad” as a unit of measurement should be “das” according to https://dict.tu-chemnitz.de/dings.cgi?query=grad

(Darkheart98) #151

Level 249, audio for “suspekt” is incorrect as it plays the audio for “Deckung”.

(Wichtig Leland) #152

Level 77 contains the word “gebrauchen” with the definition “to use (not ‘a…’, ‘b…’, ‘n…’, ‘v…’)”. Apparently there are two words in this program with the same definition as both of them show up in multiple choices. Choosing the wrong one gives you the wrong answer.

(Amanda Norrsken) #153

So, presumably, you are NOT supposed to choose “anwenden” or “benutzen” or “nutzen” or “verwenden”?

I don’t understand what your problem is, actually. The hint is quite clear.

(Wichtig Leland) #154

Yes, the answer is clear when typing in the answer, but when choosing an answer in the multiple -choice mode, two different definitions of the same word show up, one of which is of course wrong.

(Amanda Norrsken) #155

OK, I see what you mean. The database needs changing. All that needs doing is to put “use” in the database search and then compare the entries that contain “use”.

(Wichtig Leland) #156

Amanda, are you taking care of problems with this German course? If so, I will send or post whatever problems I find. Overall, this course is in pretty good shape now.


(Amanda Norrsken) #157

No, I’m afraid not. I just pop in here every now and then because I am English with a good command of German - I live in Germany - so I sometimes comment if I feel I have something helpful to say.

I’m glad to hear that the course is good on the whole! With such a big database it must be nigh on impossible to iron out all the wrinkles.

(Dylan Nicholson 548) #158

I had been one of the more active maintainers but admittedly my german study fell by the wayside a bit and I haven’t really been monitoring memrise much. I don’t mind making you a contributor weland if you’re happy to take over.

Unfortunately the specific problem of there being two multiple choice answers that look the same where one is considered right and the other wrong is not necessarily easy to fix, as Memrise has a habit of using data from deleted entries to generate multiple-choice options.

(Amanda Norrsken) #159

Echt jetzt??? :frowning:

(Wichtig Leland) #160

Hi Dylan
I would be glad to take over correcting problems with the program. How do we accomplish that?

(Dylan Nicholson 548) #161

I’ve added you as a contributor now.

Signature missing

(Wichtig Leland) #162

Dylan, I see that you have added my name as a contributor, but I still need to know how to access the tools so as to change things.

(Dylan Nicholson 548) #163

You don’t see the “Edit Course” button in the upper right?

(Wichtig Leland) #164

No Dylan, there is no Edit button on my copy of 5000 Words.