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Es heisst nicht „der Beauftragter“! sondern:

der Beauftragte, sg.m. / die Beauftragte, sg. f.

ein Beauftragter, sg.m. / eine Beauftragte, sg. f.

die Beauftragten, pl. m./f. (die gesetzlichen Beauftragten …)

zwei (drei, vier, …) Beauftragte pl. m.

zwei (drei, vier, …) Beauftragte pl. f.

Es heisst auch nicht „Ernannter“, „Berufener“, sondern, „der Ernannte“, „ein Ernannter“ …usw.

Es heisst auch nicht „der hässlicher Deutsche”, sonder “der hässliche Deutsche”, “ein hässlicher Deutscher” ….


Yes, I wrote the sentence but it similar to the sentence Memrise sent to me when I attempted to post a fourth time in a row. I think the rule keeps one person for dominating and blocking the board.

Ja, das Stimmt! (Esatto!, Eżattament!)

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The word Schluss is entered as “der Schluss; -e”. The correct plural of Schluss is Schlüsse, with an umlaut. This is located in Level 38, 556-570.

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Hello, the word die Anzeige (level 112), could also means “announcement” or “notification”.

You have only “the ad, advert. (informal for advertisement) (A)”
I propose you to add these meanings. Thank you

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Another common meaning is listed here:


If you report someone to the police, it is called “eine Anzeige gegen jemanden erstatten”, although the verb is usually used in spoken German, “ich zeige Sie an” (I’ll report you).

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I’ve changed the definition of Schluss to der Schluss "e. There is no longer a need to point out the Level since I now know how to use the correction tools.

OK, I’ve changed it.

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Hi. Thank you for making this wonderful deck. I am new to this forum so I am not sure if I am posting properly.

Level 91: das Virus, die Viren. Instead, it has “der Virus”

Thank you!

Hello, in Level 118, you have “Dezember”. In the previous cases, all the months have the article. So I suggest to change it to “der Dezember”

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Both “das” and “der” are valid. It really is “das Virus”, but that’s really the scientific term/use. In every day German, 9 out of 10 (my personal perception!) people will say “der Virus”.

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Olaf is right, it can have either article. I have changed it to “der Virus”.

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I agree with you Henry on the need for consistency. So I have added the article “der”.

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Hello, in level 119, there is March/März. Withnout any article, the same “problem” as with December. Can you add it here as well? Thank you

Henry, I corrected those two problems along with a few more. Thank you for reporting them.

Hello, in level 124, you have: das Rezept = the recipe.
But Rezept can be “the prescription”, too.
Do you think, it could be rectified?
Thank you

I agree with you and have added “prescription” to the definition of “das Rezept”.

Hello, in level 130, there is a word “der Schein”.
In englisch you have: the banknote, bill.

But in my opinion, this word has other meanings. One is similar to “das Licht”. I would say something like “flash”, “light”, “shine” or “glow”.
e.g.: Im Schein der Lampe = in the lamplight

The other meaning could be maybe “appearance”
e.g.: Der Schein trügt = The appearance is deceiving.

What do you think?
Thank you

You’re absolutely right!

I’ve added two more English terms to the definition.