[Course Forum] 5000 German Words (Top 87% sorted by frequency) by poncoosh

(Henry The Fourth) #225

Hi wichteg-Leland.
I have noticed another few things with more meanings.
What do you think?

der Gang = the walk or the pace
herausfinden = find a way out (of something)
der Schaden = flaw
das Lager = camp
der Strom = water stream
setzen = to sit down
der Hintergrund = backstage

(Amanda Norrsken) #226

I have never heard of “der Hintergrund” being used to mean “backstage”. Could it mean “backdrop”, though? Like a piece of canvas or something with a scene painted on it that would be used at the back of a stage?

But “backstage” is “hinter den Kulissen” or, in modern German, I think they would just use the English, actually, if they were talking about going backstage to talk to a band before or after their set.

(Wichtig Leland) #227

der Gang = the walk or the pace [Gang has a lot of meanings, the most popular of which are listed in dict.cc, in order of use in their database.]

herausfinden = find a way out (of something) [“To find one’s way out of something” is way down on the list.]

der Schaden = flaw [This one did not make dict.cc’s list]

das Lager = camp [added to the database]

der Strom = water stream [added flow, torrent]

setzen = to sit down [Setzen is more to put, set or lay. Sich setzen would be to sit down, and that word combination is in the data base]

der Hintergrund = backstage [Backstage would better be taken as simply backstage or hinter der/den Bühne/Kulissen]

(Wichtig Leland) #228

Thanks Amanda

(Amanda Norrsken) #229

Gern geschehen!

(Amanda Norrsken) #230

I am not surprised! I can only imagine it being used in the meaning of “flaw” in the phrase “der hat einen Schaden”, when someone describes somebody as being a bit damaged or flawed because they have done something stupid.

(Henry The Fourth) #231

Hi, I have came across a word “Gericht”. In English you have “food”, but I think another important meaning is connected to “law court”, “trial” or “judgement”. I would say even the building where the law court is held is another meaning for this word. What do you think?

(Wichtig Leland) #232

You are right Henry. I’ve added the definition “court of law”.

(Henry The Fourth) #233

And if I may add another one. The word “die Schlange”.
You have the meaning “snake”, but would add “queue”. You may not agree with me, but the long queues could really remind you of a snake :slight_smile:

(Wichtig Leland) #234

I am surprised that it is not already there, and it has now been added.

(Wichtig Leland) #235

Made der Architekt into a weak noun, along with der Mensch. Deleted the plural form of the German word das Management.

(Wichtig Leland) #236

Deleted the plural form for die Treppe, since this can mean the step or the steps.

(Darklightos) #237

Could “der Euro s” be changed to “der Euro (s)” then?
And could “der Beamte -n -n” be changed to “der Beamte; -n; -n”?
And “der Schal -s” to “der Schal; -s”?

(Darklightos) #238

When learning ‘sofern’, in the multiple choice I got as a (wrong) option: “insofar as, as far as, provided (that), to the extent (that) (it be possible) (not ‘insofern’) (s)”. To me it seems like this definition could apply to ‘sofern’ as well, so could you perhaps change the “(not ‘insofern’)” part to “(not ‘insofern’, ‘sofern’)” or perhaps “(not (in)sofern)”?

(Darklightos) #239

While learning “the violinist” -> “der Geiger; -”, I came across another option in a multiple choice: “der Geiger, -”. Could you maybe add something between brackets to emphasize the difference?

(Henry The Fourth) #240

Hi, in level 97, there is word “ergeben”. You have the adjectives, but it has also verbs-meaning like ''yield", or “be equal” or “result in”.
Also level 100 “wecken”. I think it could also mean something like “arise”. (e.g. arise an interest or maybe as well: provoke an interest)
What do you think? Are these important enough?

(Bookbuyeriv) #241

I’ve been looking for a German vocab list to work through. Would there be a way to add strong verb endings to this course?

(Wichtig Leland) #242

The English definition of Euro contains the definition “the euro (as the number of coins) (an amount has no plural)” I think that should be clear enough, if not, please suggest a better definition.

I’ve omitted the hyphens and colons from the German translations, as Memrise ignores them.

(Wichtig Leland) #243

As far as I can tell, there is only one Geiger listed in the database. Sometimes I get a funny choice in the multiple-choice.

(Wichtig Leland) #244

Ergeben is here listed as an adjective, and I’ve added the verb form to the same level.

For wecken, only the most common forms are listed in dict.cc or Ligure. I am hesitant to add any definitions that are not on the top of their list.