[Course Forum] 5000 German Words (Top 87% sorted by frequency) by poncoosh

(Dylan Nicholson 548) #185

This is what I do in Chrome. Turn on developer tools (F12), go to Network tab.

Click on the Audio icon in dict.cc to play the clip.

You’ll see an entry appear in the Network tab that starts with “speak.audio”. Right-click on that and choose “open in new tab”. From there you can save to your local computer.

(Dylan Nicholson 548) #186

If you edit the database directly you shouldn’t need to know which level it’s in.

(Wichtig Leland) #187

OK, I see now and just added an umlaut symbol for pluralization to Fuß. Thank you

(Wichtig Leland) #188

Thanks to help from Dylan, I downloaded the sound file for undefinierbar.

(Wichtig Leland) #189

Added a quotation mark to the plural form of “die Angst”.

(Wichtig Leland) #190

Redefined “ober” and “obere” in 146.

(Wichtig Leland) #191

Corrected an error with the pluralized form of “Tuch” in Level 147. The definition of “cloths” is simply “Tücher”.

(Wichtig Leland) #192

Changed the answer for “the male adult” to “der Erwachsener” from “der Erwachsene”, in Level 121. “die Erwachsene” remains unchanged.

(Wichtig Leland) #193

Corrected umlaut errors with “the male cook” and “the female cook”.

(Irridmemorizza) #194

the male adult = “der Erwachsene” (not der Erwachsener)

(Wichtig Leland) #195

You are correct. Erwachsene is realy an adjective used as a noun. I changed the translation back to “der Erwachsene -n -n”.

(Wichtig Leland) #196

Changed the word der Auftrag e, to read der Auftrag "e.

(Briansspamacct) #197

Any particular reason you removed the plurals for Trinkgeld, Krach, and Euro? It seems like there are valid plurals depending on context (e.g. Euro the currency doesn’t have a plural, but Euro the physical coin does). Which reference are you using? I’m a beginner so I can’t speak authoritatively, but I just looked them up on dict.cc and leo.

(Amanda Norrsken) #198

As far as I know, “das Trinkgeld” could have a plural, i.e. “Trinkgelder”.

If you wanted to pluralise “Euro”, you would have to say “Euromünzen” (Euro coins) or “Euroscheine” (Euro notes).

“der Krach”, as in ‘noise’, doesn’t have a plural form as far as I know. I think it is an uncountable noun.

(Geil) #199

die Euro(s)?

From what I remember you don’t pluralize Euro if you’re dealing with numerals. But outside that should be ok? I mean you live there still so I say this auf gut Glück. But I am certain Euros is fine and I don’t think that is an Austrian only thing.

(Wichtig Leland) #200

Thanks for the input Amanda. Dict.cc translates Trinkgelder as Bounties, and uses other words for tips, but Linguee does list tips as Tringelder. I don’t have a recent copy of Duden and the online version is not useful.

(Vaas777) #201

Hello, I have faced one problem, I really want to solve this problem. When I use your German course on my android device I can’t download it for offline mode. If there is any possibilities please solve this

(Amanda Norrsken) #202

I would put this post in the “Bugs” forum. Nobody here can do anything about this problem. And maybe tag someone from the memrise team or @MemriseSupport. @Joshua or @BeaTrisy might be able to help.

(Wichtig Leland) #203

der Bekannte is really a weak noun, so changed the plural form to der Bekannte; -n -n .

(Wichtig Leland) #204

I am uncertain what to do with the pluralization of the word Zusammenarbeit. The original author left it without plural, although the form may or may not exist. I marked it as “(no plural)”.