[Course Forum] 5000 German Words (Top 87%) by Paul_Wilson (maintained by EHurtt)

Please report any typo’s and/or suggestions about the 5000 German Words (Top 87%) course here.

Sorry to anyone who’s been trying to report typos etc here the past few months. I managed to be away when the Forum change was made. To be frank I’m still not quite sure how this is going to work but here goes. Elizabeth


If the idea is to make it harder for people to comment on the course then I think it will succeed admirably. I saw nothing wrong with the old method where you could click on the link when you were on a page showing the word on which you wish to comment. This made it trivially easy to post comments. Maybe the website was getting inundated with comments so they decided to change it to make it much harder for people to comment. I think it is highly likely that I will not bother to point out what I think problem areas which may need correction.


So far it seems to have deterred people from commenting altogether – yours is the first comment in a month and no one has pointed out any typos; mistakes etc although I’ve found and corrected a few as I’ve been practising. It’s a shame really.

The one way it DOES make things easier is that we can email each other directly but one still has to go into the course, into the edit mode to correct things.

If you feel up to it I can put you on the contributors’ list?

What does it involve, Elizabeth?



That’s weird that the old forum has disappeared. It wasn’t easy to figure out how to get in touch with anyone about this course, but I’m glad I’ve found the right place now.

I have noticed in the last few days that it has become necessary to enter a hyphen before the plural form when typing a word in the Memrise web interface. In some cases where the plural form is the same as the singular, it’s even necessary to type an isolated hyphen at the end. Was this change made by the maintainers of the course, or is it a general change on the Memrise platform? If the former, it would be great to change it back to how it worked before. It’s really a nuisance to have to type a hyphen all the time - that’s not a character that is in a natural place under my fingers on the keyboard, so it really slows me down when reviewing words in Memrise.



I’m having serious issues with the new words in the past few days. Specifically the exercises that require you to build the word and ending using a selection of component parts. The accents in plural forms appear to be split our from the ending. i.e. der Flugplatz, -"e doesn’t have the option ‘-"e’ as it did in the past and selecting ‘-’ followed by " followed by ‘e’ yields the wrong answer. It’s killed my progress as I can’t answer these correctly. Is this a course issue or a memrise wide issue?


I believe it’s Memrise-wide. See: Courses *suddenly* requiring either hyphens or even strict typing

der Name, -n,-n should be ‘der Name, -n, -n’ with a space before the second -.

The problem that required users to type hyphens before plural forms now seems to be fixed.

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@EHurtt, a simple thing that might help is updating the course description and adding a link to this post in the forum, so that people known of its existence.
For example, you can check what has been done in another course in this regard: www.memrise.com/course/335725/comprehensive-german-duolingo-vocabulary/
Unfortunately, the text will not be converted to a hyperkink, so users will have to copy and paste the address, but it’s better than nothing.
I hope this helps.

This is a copy of a bug report that I just made to Memries. I hope it explains the problem clearly enough.

Until today, in the program 5000 German Words (top 87%), Memries ignored extra material in words such as das Gras, -"er. The characters , -"er are meant to signify how to puralize the word, and the user did not have to include them. Today, the response box shows red unless the extra material is included.
My user name is wichtig-Leland

Thanks – it certainly looks like a bug and I’ve reported it to Memrise. Although the edit mode allows for strict marking I’ve checked and this feature isn’t turned on.

Right - I hope this is a reply to the right message! For some reason despite the fact that strict marking has NOT been turned on (I’ve checked) we’re being strictly marked - I’ve told Memrise and just hope that we get a quick response.

Thanks for letting us know. We’re looking into the issue with ‘mark strict typing’. Hopefully we’ll get it to work correctly again shortly. Sorry for the trouble in the meantime!

I am having the issue, too. It is not the first time, however, but still very irritating. Answers are only accepted with their plural forms and with strict typing, app is practically unusable at the moment.

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Yes, this is a sudden problem – I am several thousand words into the course, and have not been learning the plurals : ( so my success rate has suddenly plummeted. I suppose I ought to have been memorising plurals too, but have just been guessing for other purposes, so it is a bit of a reality check to find I get about half the nouns ‘wrong’ on Memrise. Discouraging. perhaps I should start the whole course again! – what do other people think?

I’d hang in there for a bit – they may fix it in the next couple of days – particularly if it’s a bug that’s affecting several courses, which seems to be the case.

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This is unacceptable. They do it all the time, release something, without informing anyone and then mess everything.
Yesterday I couldn’t do anything and today looks as the problem remains.

They look like amateurs that don’t test anything before releasing it into production…
I’m considering stop being a paid member because they keep ignoring all the good suggestions the users make and keep
adding things that are not needed or wished.

I’m very disappointed even because I rely on this site to learn and now I have to stop because such stupid mistake.


Thanks Elizabeth – it just makes me feel guilty for not learning the plurals from the start!