[Course Forum] 3000 Most Common Finnish Words by Sehiralti

I can’t seem to contact the author of this,
please can this be fixed, it’s crazy to have the word count as wrong only because not knowing which one it means:

moment: momentti, hetki
exactly: aivan, ihan
direction: suunta, taho
to watch: katsella, katsoa
how: kuinka, miten
student: opiskelija, oppilas
to feel, to touch: koskea, koettaa
even though: vaikka, joskin
nowadays: nykyään, nykyisin

and the voice of “toisin” is really loud compared to all the other sounds, it shocks me every time :smiley:

there’s a few more but it’s tedious to search 40 different pages for these, I don’t know if it’s possible but can someone please add anything to make it clear which one is asked? just moment(1), moment(2) would save alot of irritation,

thank you

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“sehiralti” isn’t active on this forum, I’m afraid.

He also created the four-part course, “8,000+ Most Common Swedish Words”, and at some point - when the old direct forums still existed for the courses - he made me a “course contributor” for these courses.

I would suggest that you ask @Lien to contact “sehiralti” to see if you can also be given this status, then you can make these changes yourself.

As far as I can tell - because I follow him - he does come back to do a bit of reviewing once in a blue moon and I see his score go up - but I have never seen him on the forums.

Being a course contributor is a FANTASTIC way to learn a language because you have to do really deep research on words sometimes to find out just exactly how one word - that is apparently a “synonym” - is in fact quite different from its “synonym” in some way.

Obviously, each individual course creator can put in as much work as they want and it would be enough - as you suggest above - to just mark words as “moment (1)” and “moment (2)” to give other learners a hint about which word they are supposed to write.

Good luck with your Finnish!

And don’t be too hard on sehiralti, he inputted tens of thousands of words on memrise, it must have been a hell of a job!

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Hi, if noone is around to change it, I could ask if they could allow me to change it, however I can’t seem to contact that person through this forum or the actual memrise page? I can’t seem to message any moderator,

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Let’s just tag someone again!

Hi @Lien!!!

Hope all is well with you! Are you still the right person to contact about asking for course contributor status? Would you be able to contact sehiralti about this Finnish course so that @busan1 - if you get the go-ahead from sehiralti - can start making improvements on the course?

If this is no longer part of your duties, could you let us know who is the right person to contact?

Many thanks in advance,

PS If you have any questions about how you can deal with the “pesky synonym” problem, I would be happy to share the ways I have found to make things easier for the users of the 8K+ Most Common Swedish Words course.

A couple of clarifications:

Hetki = A moment as in a very short period of time
Momentti = 1. As used in mathematics and physics 2. A sub-clause in legislation

Oppilas = a pupil, a child who has an obligation to attend comprehensive school
Opiskelija = a student, a teen or an adult who chooses to study at university, lukio, ammattikoulu etc.

Hi @amanda-norrsken

Nice to hear from you!

I moved on from Support over 1,5 years ago but happy to help out :slight_smile:

As soon as Sehiralti gets back to me, I’ll update you here.

Speak soon,


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Can you let us know who should be tagged or contacted if someone wants to become a course contributor for a course?

Glad to hear that you are still with memrise, though!

I just don’t understand, what is the point of cheating in the courses? one million points in a day? so what? Just discourage others from doing their best!