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After a long absence from Memrise Dutch, I’m enjoying your addition to Pyrrhon’s course! One small point on the first hundred words. It is not possible to say “the sir” in English.

Sir never has a pronoun and is only used either as a title - Sir Andy Murray or to address someone seen as superior. A servant would call someone either “sir” or if they knew the name, Mr Jennings, sir.

English doesn’t really have much of an equivalent… but possibly the nearest is “the gentleman”

Very best wishes

Diana (V75)

thank you very much,
improved this entry. It’s now:

the mister, Mr, sir (courtesy title) [not meneer]

Don’t hear THE mister very often either, but I guess, it’s feasible.

Thx again

Oops again. No, the mister doesn’t exist either!!!

Others just fine!!!

“the mister” “the mistress”? Yeah maybe you are right, Doesn’t come to mind very easily…

Well, what about “the gentleman”? Just wanna have every noun entry - where possible - start with a “the”.

“The gentleman” is just fine! And I think is the closest… I’ve jus looked it up in my “Groot” Van Dale and it agrees!! I should have done it straight off!!

And while I’m writing… do you remember that a very long time ago, you let me have a list of synonyms for the 5,000 course. I was working my way though it but had to put it on hold as I had a lot of other things going on in my life. I thought I might start again but appear to have lost the list - and the old forums are deleted. Is there any chance at all of you rerunning it??? I realise that this is asking a lot - so if this isn’t possible, no worries.

I believe it was that file:

or that one:


Can’t really remember.

Also have a look on the file, that I’ve sent you today. It also list duplicates and has a column where hints such as “[not x and not y]” are gathered.

Excellent. Will look at this week.

Just doing bit of revising to get me going again. It’s been a LONG time since Iv’ve done any!!

:building_construction::chart_with_upwards_trend: UPDATE: added 1600 words (100% audio will be added in the next couple of days). Renamed the course. New name: “2500 medium frequent Dutch Words ♫ Audio”. Edited the course description and syllabus. I guess, now it becomes clearer what the course is actually based on and should accomplish. [Need a couple of weeks to add answer hints in square brackets where options are ambiguous]


Romantiek is “Romanticism”, and that is not a language group; there you mean probably “romance languages”, which in Dutch are Romaanse talen (see for ex https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romaanse_talen)


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Yep, my fault. Sorry. Edited the entry and made it (über)-clear:

de Romantiek --> the Romanticism (artistic movement) [not “de Romaanse talen”] --> die Romantik --> noun

Many thanks :bouquet: I’m too stupid to spot my own mistakes - even the obvious ones …:sob:

Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer by Caspar David Friedrich; digitalized by Cybershot800i; https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Caspar_David_Friedrich_-_Wanderer_above_the_sea_of_fog.jpg [Public domain]

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vielen Dank!

a propos, wenn “cleaning tool”: de mop = the moP = der Mopp

bis dann!

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Wow, that’s wicked awesome. You are absolutely correct. Der Mopp. I’d never have found this spelling error. Thx :sunflower:

hi, it’s me again

Above, the English is still wrong for “mop”

her mortuarium = das Leichenhaus, Leichenkammer etc

have a nice day

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Sometimes, I’m kind of stupid … Thx again. I would never find these errors in my own courses. I’ve corrected both:

  1. the mop~der Mopp
  2. the mortuary/morgue=die Leichenhalle, das Leichenhaus (I apparently mixed that up with obituary)
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hi, me again

would you please check the German for “de speld”?

many thanks for your time!

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de speld --> the pin (fastening device; e.g. a sewing or booby pin) --> die (Steck-)nadel

Is that better? Was carried away by my engineering background …

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haha, watch me how i get carried about my professional and other background/s

btw, het magazine - especially so pronunced - is not a synonym of het pakhuis… but of periodiek, revue, tijdschrift

(see for ex https://www.vertalen.nu/vertaal/nl/en/revue)


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Well, of course you’re right. Thx for double-checking.

You shouldn’t read the hints in brackets as synonyms but mere tips to avoid confusion with other words in that same course. Confusion can be caused by similar meaning or (like here) by similar spelling, because this course contains both het magazin and het magazijn. I just want to make sure that every learner understands that het magazin has nothing to do with logistics infrastructure, although this may feel to some like over-kill. Hence, I won’t change the bracket content. However, I’ve added (a printed publication) to het magazin in order to further reduce ambiguity.

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