[Course Forum] 201 Dutch verbs with past tense by Yuehan

Handy course so far, thanks Yuehan!

I’d be interested in adding audio to this course, and I’m offering to do the hard work. I’ve never made a memrise course before, but I’ve got some experience writing APIs that would automatically get the audio pronunciation from either wiktictionary or Forvo.com, so could easily generate mapping of words->audio if you wanted.


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It seems @Yuehan has not find their way into this forum yet. If you place @ in front of the username and that doesn’t form a likn like this @Joel_Gibson75 then the user can’t read this post. If @ forms a link with the username then that person gets a notification by e-mail.
We could ask some memrise staff to send them a mail. @Lien would you be so kind and check if Yuehan is still active on the memrise learning site?

Ah, that would explain why I also couldn’t send them a private message.

Yuehan hasn’t logged in on Memrise in a very long time so I have added you as a contributor to the 201 Dutch verbs with past tense course . Upon accessing the course you should now see the Edit Course button, via which you can upload the audio. Many thanks for your help with improving this course!

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Just started doing this memrise course since I really need to work on my irregular verbs. :confounded:
I like that you learn all the forms of the verbs at once unlike some other courses.

However, my big big big problem with this course is that if I get an answer wrong (which I often do at the moment!), when it asks me to type the correct answer in the box it accepts just the infinitive form right away before I even have to type in the two other forms. Then it just takes me to the next question. So I haven’t had the chance to type it all out correctly. I find that typing it out again really helps it sink in, but I can’t do that.

I realised that it just accepts the infinitive in all situations, you don’t actually have to do the past tense forms at all. Isn’t that missing the point of the course??

Hoping @Joel_Gibson75 or any other contributor can help with this. Thanks in advance!

Hi Spoonpuppet, I had that same issue originally, it doesn’t seem to be anything I can change from my end. However I’ve noticed it has now changed to requiring all 3 forms.

@Lien is this a configurable setting for the course? Or something memrise wide?

I’ve got all the audio files ready for uploading. There isn’t a way of automating the upload process is there?

Hello again :slight_smile: Small request: “duwen” and “schuiven” have the same English translation: “to push, shove”.
So when I get “to push, shove” in my review session, I can only guess which Dutch verb it needs.
Could you alter the English for them so they are different? Thanks!

Edit: Same issue with “gooien” and “werpen”. English: “to throw, cast”.

Another course about irregular verbs:

I somewhat pimped the latter course, but it’s basically the same vocab:


I added all the words of Yuehan’s 201 Dutch verbs course. My course is now an extensive guide to Dutch conjugation. It covers regular and irregular verbs in both present and past tense.


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