[Course Forum] *100 Wonders of the World by TheOMF

This thread is for @theomf’s course “*100 Wonders of the World”.

I don’t know if TheOMF is around but if not, I’d be happy to support it as I currently support these two courses:

by @Nic29


by @simone.zanotti

But I’d also be happy to offer a few suggestions.

Hi - The course creator has advised they are happy for you to be added as a contributor

. (See link).

I am always very respectful to the integrity of anyone’s courses and try to reply promptly to any questions.

So far I have added a Description and mentioned I am a Contributor and will be supporting this course.

I’ve centralised the course photo.

I have used the original data to make smaller levels of 20 words each, as many people like to feel an achievement on completing levels.
(Your learning progress will be preserved if you decide to use those smaller levels and have already completed several or all items.)

I have tried to modify obvious answers eg Question “Where is Rio” Answer “Rio de Janeiro, Brazil” or even just “Rio de Janeiro” or “Brazil”.

New options - ie combinations using TheOMF’s original data added.

Reversed levels added which test the other way once you have fully learned (ie planted) a level.

Please ignore any or all the other levels if you wish.

I trust that @theomf and users will approve.
If you do, please click the heart outline :white_heart: below to make it :heart: (which means “like”).