[Course Forum] Английский (американский) 1 to 7 by Memrise


There is mistake:

America is not “Китай”:

“… in America …” = “… в Америке …”
“… in China …” = “… в Китае …”

Please fix it!


New York is not Japan too… “New York” = “Нью-Йорк”


Ten (pounds) is not “три” too…

“ten” = “десять”


Two “в каком-то роде” is too difficult to review! When you need to translate “в каком-то роде” to English you don’t know which answer is correct.


“he” = “он”
“you” = “тебе”


Hello! Is anybody here??? :confused:

I found one more mistake:

“makeS” - singular verb

“разговоРЫ” - plural noun (“разговоР” - singular noun)
“смущаЮт” - plural verb (“смущаЕт” - singular verb)


And one more:

These are too similar words. And sometimes it is too hard to translate from russian to english. For example:

I don’t know which “особенный” is correct in this case? Special or perticular?


Hi @pasha75 ! Are you aware of this thread?

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Hi @feelingit,

Thank you for spotting the error. We have corrected it.

All the best,

@pasha75, спасибо!

Но у меня пока все по прежнему. Нужно дождаться обновления?

Нашла еще одну ошибку:

Один из голосов (мужской) говорит не “a communist”, а “the Communist Party”.

Эта же проблема здесь и в других упражнениях:

две кнопки “the Communist Party” (тот же самый мужской голос - неверный)



Hi @feelingit

Thank you again for your vigilance. Both issues are addressed, and we have ordered a new American English voice for ‘a communist’. You may need to sign out and sign in again to see the changes.

Please feel free to let us know about any further issues.

Thank you and best of luck.


Английский (Американский 7), level 1

“I’ll be the judge of that” - “ты будешь этому судья”


“I” is not “ты”.

So there are two correct options:
I’ll be the judge of that” - “Я буду этому судья”, but better “Это уже мне решать”
“You be the judge of that” - “ты будешь этому судья”, but better “Это тебе решать”

Thank you for reporting the mistake. It has been amended.
Best of luck .