[Course Forum] Французский 1-7 by Memrise (French for Russian speakers)

[EDIT : french 3d and 4th levels]

1). matinée - утро, утренняя пора; you have: matinée - вечер
2). japonais - японский; you have: japonais - азиатский
It needs to be fixed, in my oppinion

Do you know that you can post your questions in official forum threads. You will get quick answers from there.

Is this course you are talking about a French course for Russian speakers?

Hi, @MashaSh and @Guillaume_Jaskula In which thread should this post be in?

Yes, I am talking about this course, French for Russian. Sorry if I published message in a wrong place. The course is perfect, I really love it. These are just two mistakes, I have noticed

No need to feel sorry. I know there is a forum thread for Memrise French
courses and for Memrise Russian courses.
I don’t know if there’s a French for Russian speakers yet. That’s why I
asked Masha (Russian language specialist) and Guillaume (French

Let’s see what they have to say about it

22.01.2017 22:30 kirjutas kuupäeval “Ivan Prokhorov24” <

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There wasn’t one yet, and now there is :slight_smile:

Thanks Atikker ! Merci.

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Are there any news? :slight_smile:

@MashaSh @Guillaume_Jaskula

Civil - гражданский on memrise its translated as государственный

Здравствуйте, IvanProkhorov24

Спасибо за вашу внимательность. Ошибки уже исправлены.

С уважением, Павел.

В курсе полно ошибок и неточностей, особенно на продвинутых стадиях (третий курс и дальше). Будьте осторожны.