[Course Forum] 0100 Leaves of trees and shrubs by Bomorda (98)

Please post comments about this Tree Leaf course by Bomorda98 here.

Hi @bomarda98, love your leaf course but could I make some suggestions please:

Please could you set up an alternative for “blue atlas cedar (cedrus atlantica)” as cedrus atlantica glauca probably it’s correct name.

Also the Grape (which is a fruit) can you set up an alternative of vine, please?

@lien - please could you invite @bomorda98 to this forum. (Incidentally he is at Level 16 with 57M points so he must still be around.)

Sure, I’ve emailed them. Please remind me if you haven’t heard back by next Wednesday.

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Done:) Thanks.


Thank you @lien - it worked.

Thank you @bomorda98 for making those alternatives. It’s so good when a good course is supported.

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Here’s another @bomorda98, please:

lebanon cedar (cedrus libani) could please you add “Cedar of Lebanon” as an alternative (which is how many refer to it as).

Hi @bomorda98, as it’s nearly three years since your last comment and my last request is still pending, I wanted to check if you are still around and interested in looking after your great course?

If not, would you mind if I became a Contributor?

After @MemriseSupport attempted to contact @bomorda98 they have added me as a Contributor to this excellent course.

As ever I will be very respectful with the Creator’s courses and will try to enhance and support it.