Course Editing: Screen Jumps Around in Firefox

When I begin to type in a word, the screen jumps slightly to the right as the search function for similar words kicks in. Then when it finds a word, it jumps further to the right.

Because I’m typing in Japanese, first I have to enter the hiragana (search begins and completes), then change that to kanji (search restarts again). So in the matter of the second, the screen jumps around five times. Then it happens all over again when I go to type in the translation. It’s incredibly disorienting, and I couldn’t even finish entering one word without having to look away from the screen entirely.

This happens when I use Firefox, but not when I use Internet Explorer. However, the website on IE is nearly unusable due to everything being overlapped so it’s not an option to switch browsers.

Thanks @sunpants - we’ve scheduled to fix this in the next month or two and will let you know when it’s done.

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I have been experiencing the same problem in Chrome, and can confirm that it is extremely annoying and makes it almost intolerable for me to add new words to a level. And I am only typing in the Roman alphabet. Thanks very much for your attention to this problem.

I am using Chrome and this is extremely annoying. Please fix as soon as possible. Thank you.