Course Editing: Levels squished to the side


When editing a course the collapsed levels are squished up the the right hand side.

But when you expand the levels they fill the whole screen.

It’d be nice if the collapsed levels were the same size as the expanded ones.

Anyone way to contact a deck creator
(Hurricanechild) #2

Same here, except mine stays on the side even when I expand the level.

(Kevin Memrise) #3

Thanks @0llie @hurricanechild, I’ve created a bug for this and added it to our backlog. Will let you know when it’s resolved!

(Nick Karlsruhe) #4

A Bug relating to the above one is that if there are many columns the [Show/Hide] [Preview] … Buttons are moved out of the Window and opened Levels for editing can’t be closed again.

For comparison, Memrise:

(Nick Karlsruhe) #5

#The Bug still exists

(Francis (Memrise)) #6

This should be fixed now - let us know if it works for you!

You may need to do a hard refresh on your browser, if you already have the page open.



Yes. It’s working for me now (Windows 10, Chrome). Thanks.

(DW7) #8

And me - many thanks @frabcus_memrise !
(Windows 10 Firefox)

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but it is on @kevin5284’s list - thanks.


It works but there’s another problem, when I have two levels open and then I try to hide them both when I click “Show/Hide” for the second one it scrolls to the bottom of the level and doesn’t close it until I click the button for a second time.