Course Creator's Wish List


(DW7) #39

That’s what I was going to suggest. This comes back to our desire to download a course so we can then upload it onto a new course and make variations.

This leads on to another request/ wish (which I don’t think we have listed yet)

38) The ability to duplicate columns so one set could be for ‘matching’ (MC) another set for ‘tapping only’ and another for ‘typing’ by preference.

(Leggi) #40

39) I’d like to be able to see my all my database on one page (useful for proof reading, looking for items missing attributes etc.)

Especially since the number of entries shown per database page has been reduced (which makes me think there’s no change of getting more on a page!), it’s time consuming to check each page. For example: 66 pages for a course with 1300 items. I’m glad most of my courses are under 2000 entries :sunflower:

(DW7) #41

I thought that but just thought I might be wrong. I must admit it is a lot harder to search (assuming you want to see an item in context with it’s neighbours).

(poggi) #42

Well, maybe not on one page – but yeah, a bit more on one page anyway, and maybe with the ability to give a starting point, that, for example I want to see 100 entries starting from #1248.

Case in point: a random screenshot from my course database.

(Leggi) #43

@poggi :grinning: a ha ha ha, that’s a big course!

I’d be happy with 100 entries a database page, it’d certainly be easier and quicker than now.

(Angelbratt) #44

Idk if this has been mentioned here but we were talking about a reset button for the database (to generate alternative answers) or a check database button like anki has over here: Deleted/old answers still appearing in tests so I thought i’d mention it here too since someone mentioned it wasn’t over here yet.

so the database makes a list of wrong answers inside the entry of a word (simple explanation by someone who doesn’t actually code) and changing the entry is not always enough to reset this list. so the answers may continue to show up in ways that seem buggy. it would be nice to be able to reset the database without having to delete and re enter entries. there is a script that fixes the issue but I don’t know how to use it since i’m not a code friendly user.

(Xvg11) #46

Yes, having an entry field for starting point would be good, and rather than having a fixed number of items displayed per page, they could make it adjustable with a drop-down control with various options, 20, 50, 100 items, … etc.

(Mila83) #47

Excellent topic, thanks.
41) for the time being, the multiple choice questions are in fact unique choice questions, that’s why I think it would be great to be able to set questions with multiple choice answers.

Besides, I suggest as a USER

  • to have the possibility to set a weekly goal: that would be interesting especially for completed and forgotten courses
  • to make the daily goal more flexible
  • to be able to see the timer while studying, so that I stop learning when I reach my daily goal.
  • to have the possibility to choose my learning pace, depending on the course difficulty, because some courses are more difficult than others.

(DW7) #48

42) When adding text to the "alt" field, it would be nice to have a larger or expandable box (like the request for the data field) as one can not see the whole phrase at one time.

Presumably both these ideas were conceived for languages of one word entries.

(Chiew Pang) #49

As an active course creator, I find it VERY annoying and a SERIOUS weakness that I cannot tell where an entry has been used.

43) One way of overcoming this would be to show the levels where the entry has been used when doing a database search.

My courses are mostly “active”, meaning I frequently add entries. For example, let’s say I want to add a synonym or an antonym and I wish to add it to the same level as the original entry. When you have 100+ levels, it’s practically impossible. To illustrate it even more, I want to add SPOGLIARE to the same level where I have VESTIRE. I searched the obvious levels and I can’t find VESTIRE. I know (from a database search) that I do have the entry.

And this constantly happens to me. Mind you, with my recent courses, this is less of a problem because, precisely because of this weakness, I compile my courses in Google Drive, so I can always search there. However, if I add new entries and I forget to add it to my own database, I’m doomed. :rage:


Hi @ChiewPang,

In the meantime, there is a very good work around for finding which levels words appear in that user meh2 came up with. You will find it described in post 14/18 in the following topic: Locate Specific Reviewed Word

(Chiew Pang) #51

@alanh Gee, thanks Alan. That’s great. I’ll try it next time. I must admit that I use Google to search for courses (because Memrise search stinks and follow the rich-get-richer criteria) but have never thought of using Google to find the level!

(Ian) #52

In case it helps, I’ve found that it’s best to do a Google search using the course number, otherwise you tend to get multiple hits from similar courses.


(DW7) #53

I agree - I too wish this when correcting or adding to courses I support.
In the [Course Forum] I try to ask the Level - but even that can be different if viewed on the app or web :cold_sweat:

What I have done on some of my courses is to create a non-tested column that has the same name as the level - ie in your case something like “Bedroom items and actions”. So having searched for the word that I know is there, you will know which level it is in.

On other courses I too go back to my original spreadsheet which I try to set up by level.

However I am indebted to @alanh @A_User @ian_mn and @meh2 which seems a lot easier!

(DW7) #54

We do so need this! This has indeed been discussed at great length.

(DW7) #55

Useful suggestion from @Qboi


(Baite) #57

45. Editing a course:

  1. A feature to remove a bulk of words. Useful when accidentally a wrong list of words has been unloaded using the ‘Bulk Add Words’

46. Old course serves as basis for a ‘course template’, creating a new course without copy-paste.
A feature to use an existing course as the basis of a new course. Useful when the course creator doesn’t respond or has stopped supporting a course or even decides to delete a course.
46a. This doesn’t mean that I want to copy the course. I want to use an existing course and add changes. E.g. A book has 20 chapters, but course creator has only entered 15 of them. I want to enter the 5 remaining chapters myself. Also i found a few misspellings in the 15 original chapters, and want to update these too. So, under my own account there are only 5 chapters and a few updates visible, but when I want to study, Memrise combines the original and the changes together into one new course.
46b. The course creator has the right and possibility to see and accept my additions and changes and incorporate them into his/her course, making these changes ‘permanent’ for other users too.

Suggestion 45 and 46 where earlier mentioned in the Site Feedback - Memrise Improvements Suggestions

Edit April 3
47. A function to split a course
A feature to split a course into two courses. Useful when a course is spanning multiple books. For example a creator made a course according to a book named ‘English for Beginners’ with 1000 words over 10 levels and kept adding words when continuing to study ‘English Intermediate’. Now the creator realizes that it is better to have to courses, the first being ‘English for Beginners’, and to split off the words of ‘English Intermediate’ into a new, separate course.

(Leooe L ) #58

48) To have the possibility to just ask one language / “direction” in order to make also grammatical excercises possible.

This would be the problem thread for this (and therefore how I would use it for example):

(DW7) #59

Hi @LeooeL

  1. To have the possibility to just ask one language / “direction” in order to make also grammatical exercises possible.

Thanks, good suggestion.

However, I don’t know if you know, but if you create a course and either create the testing in the direction you want or duplicate the level and reverse the testing, then once fully planted you will only be tested in one direction when reviewing.

See [Course Forum] Art & Painting courses supported by DW7

or After duplication of the items in a course - is the review schedule of one copy of an item influenced by its copy?

Also as a creator or contributor, you can “auto_learn” so you will go straight to reviewing.

Hope that helps.

(Baite) #60

@DW7 Good info. However, Only after planting? So in the beginning still two directions? How are getting past that planting phase when testing is in two directions for grammar? I believe that was actually part of the problem in the first place.