Course creation still disabled and no link provided for decks?

(Vb99) #1

Course creation still disabled on memrise (14May19) and others say to use decks but no link for decks provided. Is there any way to create new courses or a date when we will be able to? Thank you.


This link should help:

(Amanda Norrsken) #3

Here’s Decks:

There is a nice big “Create a course” button in the top right-hand corner, that’s where you need to go :slight_smile:

Have fun making your new course!

(Olaf Rabbachin) #4

@kevin5284, @Joshua, @MemriseSupport: Couldn’t you please change the Memrise link for creating new courses to point to the respective Decks course creation page?

There is countless forum threads for this exact error message. If you can’t or don’t want to change the link, how about adding a bit of descriptive text instead of just providing the current error message?
It would save us from repeatedly having to point users in the right direction!

(Joshua) #5

I’ll mention this to the relevant team and check if this can be done. I also like the idea of redirecting to decks creation page.

Update: Timeline for removing community courses from the Memrise website
(Mila) #6

Memrise added the link. View the post of frabcus_memrise: