Course creation is temporarily disabled

I get the message “Course creation is temporarily disabled, check for updates”

This is now for weeks, how long is this going to take??


I am experiencing the same issue, but I am a newcomer to memrise, I think this normal condition for a recent profile like mine. Hope they will answer you soon! Br. Mich

@mrmleusink, @Michelangelo_M81,

The issue is explained in the Course Creation area of the FAQs. Here is a link:

The course creation feature on the Decks website works the same way as the one we used to have on the Memrise site. As Memrise have told us that all ‘user-created’ content will soon only be available to us on Decks (and on the Memrise app, until the promised Decks app is launched), I don’t expect the course creation tool will ever re-appear on the Memrise site.