Course creation: duplicate words


When creating a course does Decks let you know if you enter an exact duplicate to your database/levels?

As I’m currently creating a Japanese Random Vocab course, and am adding to it regularly but haven’t necessarily learned all the words in the course yet so won’t know if a word is a duplicate or not before adding it.


Ahh, just checked this myself (stopped being lazy and checked it, :joy:). Tragically it doesn’t recognise if you enter an exact duplicate to the database and doesn’t let you know.
Oh well, I’ll have to try and remember what words I enter into my course. :crazy_face:

Can’t you just screenshot the levels so that you have a record?

Yeah, could do, but thinking ahead ie; when the course has 1000’s of entries, it would be quite hard to look through a screenshot to see if certain words are all ready in the course.


What I did with a four-part 8,000+ word course that I curate was to copy and paste each level into Google Docs. So I have a duplicate copy of the entire course on my Chromebook and Google Drive and can locate exactly where individual words are. There is no way to locate which level a word is in when you use the search function on memrise and there are a number of words in Swedish which have different meanings depending on their grammatical function, so there are multiple entries of the same word, but with different meanings and different locations on the original word-frequency corpus database that the course is based on. So, before I can edit one of these words, I really need to know exactly where it is located. This was the only solution I could think of. It’s a bit cumbersome and maybe someone more tech-savvy could come up with a better solution, but that is what I did.

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Ooh, that is actually a brilliant solution.
I’ll have to do that, thanks. :slight_smile:

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Happy to have been of assistance! I hope it works for you, too!

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Based on my experience in making courses… prepare the whole course on a spreadsheet using MS Office or OpenOffice Spreadsheet or similar. Then, when you are convinced that everything is fine, bulk add those entries into Memrise. If you need to change anything, take a pill for headache first. I still have 141/140 words learned in one of my courses and needless to say that this kind of error can only come from code of the website/database.

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I remembered that a fellow Memriser posted a terrific tip some time ago for locating specific words in individual courses which may help. Luckily, I bookmarked it.

Here’s the relevant bit from the earlier post:

"I use a google site search to find the levels. For example, I was trying to find the levels of “shop” in a Finnish course with two different responses.

In the google search box I typed: shop
Three levels show up in the results.

For any course, type “site:” followed by the address of the webpage of the course (with no spaces and without “https://www.”, then a space and then the word you are looking for. Google will search the webpage and linked webpages for you."

I just tried it on one of my courses that has 76 levels and it still works. Here’s a screenshot of what it gives you: