Course can't be completed

Not sure if I should have posted this in Android bugs instead.
The course is Dutch - Fantasy Terms, I checked and it doesn’t have its own post (unless I missed it).
I learned all the words that can be learned, from inside it’s all filled, but it doesn’t give me competion and on the “home” it says 134/136, when in fact the course only has 134 words in total!

It’s pretty annoying, how can it be solved?

In Android app this bug appeared in October-November last year.

That is a fresh ticket thread by Memrise team in regards to this bug:


Thanks, I thought it only applied to Official Courses since I didn’t know of Community courses have grammar mode too.

No, there’s no grammar mode in user created courses. This bug just looks the same, but has other “roots”, it has something to do with deleted items (see link in the previous post).