"Could Not Load The Session. Sorry" when Learning new words (new user-created courses)

Dealing with this bug for more than a week now. Couldn’t find staff’s responses to this problem. What could be the probable cause? Size of the course? Number of words per level?

The only way i could proceed is just pressing “learn” 10+ times in a row, hoping get lucky. Maybe it’s a coincidence but it’s seems that when i quit allthe other applications and leave only one tab with decks in chrome i have better chances of loading the learning page.

My course includes 2445 words, though i don’t remember having any problems when there were 2000 words.

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I’ve been having the same problem - I’ve made a couple of posts about it and emailed them twice. I’ve received one response from them by email, which ran through some basic checks (turning off add-ons, clearing cookies etc.). Of course none of those things are the issue, as many of us are experiencing it.

The problem remains whether there is a level of 3000+ words, or if it’s divided up into levels of 50 words, or if it’s a small (less than 200 word) deck.

The only common factors I can note are:

-The decks are made recently
-The decks were made using bulk add

I’m not sure if it has this problem at all when the decks were made without bulk add, nor if they are older than a few weeks (or at least unedited for a few weeks). It doesn’t bug out for me when learning words from old decks.

So, it seems that it’s a Memrise issue, nothing on our end. @MemriseSupport @MemriseMatty - appreciate your guys efforts in everything, and would love a response!

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The same problem here, it happend after I created a course then tried to learn and it constantly shows the messages like network problem, something wrong with your connection and finally now it says could not load the session, sorry!

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