Could I please become a contributor to 'Biblical Hebrew'?

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I wish to be a contributor to this deck as I use it regularly and believe there is a major issue with the way that verbs are presented. As Hebrew verbs appear in multiple verbal stems, it is important to connect each possible translation of a verb with its associated stem. This is something that Van Pelt and Pratico (the authors of the source book which this deck uses) knew but was ignored by the deck’s composer.


Other issues spotted:

  • In level 6, the word יָרֵה is listed as the verb ‘to fear’. It should be יָרֵא.

  • In level 13, the word בּושׁ is listed as the verb ‘to be ashamed’. It should be בּוֹשׁ.

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And another:

  • In level 8, the word מַעֲשׂה is listed as the noun ‘work, deed, act’. It should be מַעֲשֶׂה
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Thank you for pointing that out :+1:! I just started using this deck, but soon realized of this problem and some other spell errors. I hope you can become a contributor.

  • Level 6, the word עָשָׂר. I’d suggest to add a secondary meaning to it. So far we have “ten”, but adding “-teen” would be great to, for it is used only in combination to make numbers 11-19.
  • Level 6 again, we have the word “שַׁאַר”, but it should be “שַׁעַר” for “gate”.

@robertgbrown Thanks for your request and sorry for the delay in replying! We have contacted the creator inviting them to review your forum post and accept or deny your contributor request.

Best wishes


“קָרַב” level 13 has it’s def as “to bury” instead of “to draw near”. To bury is “קָבַר”. Can someone please fix.

“קָרַב” level 13 has it’s def as “to bury” instead of “to draw near”. To bury is “קָבַר”. Can someone please fix. A dyslexic mistake of sorts.

Hi @ale_c, did this get resolved?

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Hi @111118 and @MemriseSupport, did this request get resolved?

I got this response from MemRise on how we should request items now.

If you need something please request it directly with Support, they do not monitor the forums.


Since Alessio left recently there is no member of staff responsible for monitoring most of the forum, the only section we actively monitor in a timely fashion is the bugs section. Other sections around official courses are checked less regularly but this section is under no one’s remit so I would advise making a support ticket if you want something.