Could I please become a contributor to 'Biblical Hebrew'?

Course name: Biblical Hebrew


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I wish to be a contributor to this deck as I use it regularly and believe there is a major issue with the way that verbs are presented. As Hebrew verbs appear in multiple verbal stems, it is important to connect each possible translation of a verb with its associated stem. This is something that Van Pelt and Pratico (the authors of the source book which this deck uses) knew but was ignored by the deck’s composer.


Other issues spotted:

  • In level 6, the word יָרֵה is listed as the verb ‘to fear’. It should be יָרֵא.

  • In level 13, the word בּושׁ is listed as the verb ‘to be ashamed’. It should be בּוֹשׁ.

And another:

  • In level 8, the word מַעֲשׂה is listed as the noun ‘work, deed, act’. It should be מַעֲשֶׂה