Could I have Kanji in speed review of my own Japanese course?

I have my own “course” in Japanese where I add the words that I want to learn. So this is not about official courses. When I do the speed review there, I only get to see the Kana and English, no Kanji… though I added the Kanji for all of the words (there’s always Kanji as I did not add any simple Kana-only word like oyasumi).

I’d love to see a setting where I can replace the Kana with Kanji, to make it more challenging.

I’m not sure how speed review works, but you might be able to accomplish this by adding levels to your course that prompt with English (or Kana) and test on Kanji.

However, from personal experience, I’d avoid testing on English, Kana, and Kanji all in the same course, because it’s cumbersome to be constantly switching back and forth between English and Japanese keyboards while reviewing. Instead, I’d have one course that tests on English and Kana (since they both use the English keyboard) and one course that tests on Kanji (since it uses the Japanese keyboard).

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks. I don’t even use Japanese keyboards yet, I copypaste everything. And in speed review you don’t have to type anything anyway, that makes it easier.

Ah, interesting; I didn’t realize there was no typing in speed review. I guess as long as you only speed review, adding another testing direction should probably work, then :slight_smile:

You just have to install the Japanese keyboard in windows, not buy a real Japanese keyboard. I think it’d probably be worth it, IMHO :slight_smile:

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Japanese keyboards are entirely worth it. Easy to setup. Easy to use. Easy to switch between Japanese and English (if you are using the Windows IME all you need to do is windows + spacebar)


Cheers, that one was new to me! I’ve always used left-Alt + left Shift, which cycles through your languages (keep an eye on the notification area to see which language is active). Maybe you didn’t know that one. :wink:

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I think I saw that somewhere, but it feels really unnatural so never used it.

So, I guess there are two options for switching keyboards, which is nice. So no excuse not to use kana and kanji.

Ah, interesting; I always use left-Alt + left-Shift, too. Good to know that there’s another option :slight_smile: