Corrections for JACT Reading Greek <hardcore>

A few mistakes have crept in, mostly transcription ones.

βονθέω (help, run to help): This should be βοηθέω.

τε…καί… This is recorded as if it were a single word, so that the program records it as an error if someone puts in τε and καί in any other combination.

βάβαρος, ὁ: This should be βάρβαρος, ὁ.

ἡσυχάζω: Be quiet, rather that be quite

ἡσυχίᾱ, ἡ: quiet, rather than quite.

θεᾱ́ομαι: When the options for typing this out letter-by-letter appear, there is no alpha with the correct acute accent.

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There are other mistakes as well in Level 9:
βασιλεύς, ὁ is translated as irreverence to the gods
δοῦλος, ὁ is translated as drag off
ἐπικαλέομαι is translated as king

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