Correct Database but still wrong answer

Hi, so I was in this course and noticed an error that I don’t remember from before…
Here’s a screenshot.
This answer shouldn’t work. I found it by pure trial and error.

I’ve just realized that I found a bunch of errors a few years ago and was made an admin for this course. :stuck_out_tongue:

So I’ll spend some time looking into it myself. Sure would love for these things to be easier!?

No worries Seraph! I remember now~ I’ll try and figure it out.


le sigh

So I went in and found it WITHOUT ERROR…

Not sure what to do about that.

Please advise. (Already added an alternate “jin nian”.)

Thanks in advance

Similarly~ I’m finding a slew of le-liao at 了 when le is appropriate, but only liao is allowed…
I know that in a broad sense, liao is acceptable for 了, but when le is correct, it should stay that way.

Any idea on why these are going haywire?
Many thanks!

As the database is correct. I think this could be a bug so I will move this thread to the bug section.

EDIT : I don’t overlook this section of the forum. Can a regular/leader here tell me if this bug has already been reported here to add this thread to it.

That is a problem with the course right? It gives “liao” as the answer when it should be “le” for 了.

The course accepting “jin nichi” is a different problem I think. Maybe it accepts anything after the [space]?

I put this thread here because the database is correct for “jin nian” and the site did not accept the answer, only accepted “jin nichi”

Correct, with the le / liao thing. Again, in the files le is presented, but
only liao is acceptable.

With the …nichi thing, only nichi works. I sat and went through the keys
on the keyboard one by one to figure it out.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I know this technique I used it a few times myself… when it bugged on me before

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