Copy courses?

May I ask a question:
one user exactly copied [same words, same abbreviations and same brackets] stuff from my courses.
Is that allowed?

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Well, was your wordlist public domain? Yes, then it is allowed.
If you compiled the 100% list yourself, then not.

But see it the other way: that user probably wants to study the thing in a different way, for example by adding their own audio. Is that really a problem for you?

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hello John,

no that’s no problem for me.
just speaking about how to re-use other person’s work. It takes a lot of work to translate hundreds of German words and phrases in Hebrew. And it not very polite to just copy my lists.


you don’t own words or their meanings. Nor do you make money off if it. Take it as a form of flattery.

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hello Geil

you’re right
I feel flattered and honored :sunglasses:


Personally if the person decided to clone your course (which would also take some effort! as it is not a feature offered by MemRIse sadly - not even to copy our own course) it would be nice if the person contacted you first, then credited and linked to your course.

In the days of the old direct course Forum, I made suggestions about enhancement to someone’s course and they said they were happy for me to create my own version, which started as a basic copy before I changed many of the definitions (putting in a lot of work), and added lot of other options and features.

And of course I linked to his course and credited him for the inspiration. See here.

Win : win.

@redux2, you could try contacting him/ her.

Here’s a thought, (not that I have even done this), but perhaps if you put some phrases into the database, then when one starts to type a phrase the whole two-sided phrase get offered and all one has to do is to accept it.

The only check would be if the words are in the same order and levels or not.

Hello DW7
Thank you for post

I don’t want to make the user public.
Is there no way any more to send you a private message?
I can write the message in the box, but the message icon isn’t working.

Happy Sunday1

I have the same the same question about one of my courses and I sent you a PM asking for help on this issue. Here is the thread:

Thank you

  1. Install Anki
  2. Install Anki add-on MemriseCourseImporter
  3. Import course from Memrise to Anki
  4. Export course from Anki to “Note in plain text (*.txt)” file
  5. Import in Excel/Google Docs
  6. Work on the English/Portuguese entries. (in Google spreadsheets use the Translate function (from pt to en) to create draft english translations. Then use the Hebrew cells to create links to suitable online dictionaries (wiktionary) and bulk open with
  7. Use Memrise import function to bulk upload from spreadsheet to new Memrise course
  8. The audio files are a problem: look for the imported mp3 files in the Anki directories. Find the corresponding column in the spreadsheet. Use this data to rename the files (you may have to strip the data in each column from unnecessary stuff). Create a suitable DOS rename command for each cell along these lines (that’s just from the back of my head - there’s maybe more to it :wink: ): =“rename “&“TextInColumnXY”&”.mp3 “& “TextInColumnA”&”-”&“TextInColumnB”&".mp3", where XY is the current cryptic filename you extracted from the column, A is the rank of each entry (0001, 0002, 0003…) and B is the name of the Hebrew entry (if DOS won’t work with Hebrew script, plz use tools like So a DOS command should look like rename 12635466236d66.mp3 0045-shlvm.mp3 for שלום. Open a cmd.exe command window in the aforementioned mp3 directory. Copy the column. Paste all the data from the clipboard at the prompt, Enter, let DOS do it’s charm… Now you should have a directory filled with kind of clearly named mp3s that are sortable (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) to reflect course order. Now do the tedious stuff: upload all by hand… (just move one file to the Upload button and it will upload). I’m afraid, there’s no easy way to that. Google for details to make sense of what I’ve just said…

Hi @redux2 & @renanpoco, just seen this (because you didn’t use the @ in front of my name) anyway, re this post -

Is there no way any more to send you a private message?

Is this still an issue for you? As far as I am aware one can PM.

Hi @redux2 - congratulations at being able to send a PM to me.

For clarification you can not PM a user if they have not appeared in the Forum.