Copy Course?

Hi everyone!

I searched for it, but I couldn’t find an answer. I hope somebody knows the answer :slight_smile: Is it possible to copy a memrise course from another user?

Thank you for any help and have a nice day! :slight_smile:

maybe first ask the creator of the course if s/he agrees with anyone copying her/his work ?

no, there is no memrise-method of copying other peoples courses, but the net is full with tricks.

I don’t know how to contact the creator. He/she is not here in the community… I actually just want to contribute, but since I cant contact hin/her, I decided to copy the course.
Thanks for your answer!

You can always contact @Lien and ask her to contact the creator. If the creator does not respond back Lien will ask you if you want to be a contributor so you can do the changes you want to do to the course. But please, don’t just copy someone’s work if there is another way.

I didn’t know that there is this way. Sorry!
But I think it might be better to copy the course and add my own changes instead of changing someone else’s course…

No worries!

How major of changes are you wanting to make? Indeed, it might be better in some cases to copy the course and make changes versus modifying the original course.

Can you also please post a link to the course?

That’s the course:

I’d like to change a few translations according to the book the course is referring to. Also some sound files are missing and there is no pinyin pronunciation which is really annoying for me, but maybe the creator had his/her reasons for not including the pinyin.

Those generally sound like non-destructive changes, so I’d recommend trying to get added as a contributor instead of cloning the course :slight_smile:

If you’re okay with that, just tag Lien (@ + “Lien”) in this thread and ask her to add you as a contributor. It may take a few days or so.

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Thanks a lot!

@Lien Hey Lien! Could you add me as a contributor to this course: ? Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Hi @K40s

You have been added as a contributor to the above course.

Have a great week,



Hi @Lien,
Could you add me as a contributor to below course too?
I want to continue adding more information to each word as it’s creator did untill level 7.


Hi @mahdiehbrf95,
Nice to hear from you.
I certainly would if I could, but lost my admin superpowers since I no longer work for Memrise.
Please reach out to Memrise’s Support Team, they can further assist you. If they’re unable to facilitate your request, let me know so I can ask one of my Mem-mates to look into it for you :slight_smile:
Best wishes,


@Lien Time to sound stupid. How do we reach out to the Memrise Support Team? :slight_smile:

Who on the forums is working for memrise, MemriseMatty and Joshua?
As I want to make sure I message the right people when there are bugs and what not. :slight_smile:

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@tampora, You can see who the Memrise team members are by clicking on Basic%20%20%20Memrise in the top bar and then on “About”. Just add the “@” to the “Memrise Support” username in the usual way to tag them.


Off-topic: that is too bad! I hope that you found another exciting and good job. And thanks for all the time you helped out.


As John_Baite said, thanks for everything, @Lien :slight_smile:

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You’re most welcome, it’s been an absolute pleasure!


Awww. Didn’t know you stopped being a “mem-ployee” at Memrise. Hope you get a good job! We will miss you @Lien! Always looked up to you. You’ve been great. So, what else can I say? Thanks for 5 Wonderful Years! So just enjoy! Thanks for everything you’ve done. :slight_smile:

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Hi @MemriseSupport ,
Could you add me as a contributor to below course?

I learned this course and really into it. I am Vietnamese like the content of the course, and I want to add more information for the definitions. I tried to contact with the owner of this course but she is not here to look for.
Many thanks and hope to here your responses soon.

You’ll probably have to create a new thread in order to apply, see this posting here: