Copy and personalize courses?

I am subscribed to a course which I really enjoy but it lacks a certain element that I feel is very important. Is there a way to copy that course and personalize it?
For the record, I am talking about the Genki 1 course, which lacks the Kanjis (at least for the first few chapters that I saw).

Edit: I just checked and there are courses that offer the Kanji portion of Genki. But I am still curious about this issue.


There is no way to directly duplicate a course, I’m afraid, so you’d need to build it from scratch. I’ve been able to ‘export’ courses the old-fashioned way with copy/pasting the item lists for each level, but it is unsurprisingly a bit time-consuming. I’ve seen other users in the past suggest online tools for quickly exporting text from pages, but I didn’t have any luck in digging those links up. Maybe someone else can post them.

Alternatively, you could try to contact the course creator to see if they’d be willing to add the element to the course, or to make you a contributor so that you can do it.

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There is GreaseMonkey/TamperMonkey script called Memrise Utilities that will help you copy the data from a course in order to bulk upload it into your own.

The downside is that it only copies (for example) the English clue, German/Spanish/French/etc word, and the level number. You’ll have to add audio, parts of speech, and alternatives on your own. But at least it’s faster than copying and pasting one level at a time.


There’s also an Anki add-on that’ll download the full course you link (have to give log in information). That will also download audio files, but they’ll be munged but those can be be rename with a bulk file renamer.


Have you used that recently successfully and could you give a link?

I used it just last week to download my courses I uploaded to Memrise (made lots of corrections so wanted those saved). There’s no link as you just download Anki and then get the add-on for downloading Memrise (it’s top listed as it’s popular).

However, that does not solve the problem of duplicating or having a personalized copy of a Memrise course unless you then re-upload the information (and the tedium of uploading audio). Still, it’s doable.

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Thanks for this! I’ve been copying courses and adding audio lately since the course forums got removed. (No way to ask the course creators to add audio.) This has saved me heaps of time.

Dear @Kaspian ,
thank you for suggesting this script.
it was useful but there is a problem.
As you can see on the image, my course has 6 columns,

but only the first two ones can be copied using the script.

is there any way I can copy all the columns?


As I said in my earlier post, Memrise Utilities does not download everything…

My next best idea is to download the course to Anki using the plugin Memrise-to-Anki. Using Memrise-to-Anki, I’ve been able to import not only the English clue and target language word/phrase, but also the audio, mems, alternate answers, and attributes. I suggest you experiment with a small course (up to 300 items) to see how the settings work before you attempt a large course.


If a course creator is inactive, it’s worth asking the Memrise team to add you as a contributor to the course - in which case you can gain access to the course database and editing pages where it’s much easier to copy information from. :sunflower:


@Kaspian Many thanks,
I’ll go for Anki :v:

I created a course, but would like to duplicate it so as to translate it and make it available from different source languages. Is there a simple way to do this? Any suggestions welcome.

I used this scytalezero/MemriseUtilities script but the vocab words are copied from random different levels in random order, rather than Level 1, then Level 2, then Level 3, etc… It seems to follow some sort of weird number sequence as the seemingly random level number order sequence is always the same every time the script is run… Like L2, L5, L1, L3, L4, L7, L6, L8… Anyone else have the same problem? Using Excel spreadsheet to sort the vocab words by column level number order does not work either as the column order gets sorted alphabetically like L1, L10, L100, L101, L102, L11, L12, etc… I’m using Mac and Chrome 65.0.3325.162 with Tampermonkey v4.5 by the way

Edit: The scytalezero/MemriseUtilities script, not the Anki plugin Memrise-to-Anki

The addon is not available on the above shared link anymore for auto-install (within the AnkiSRS Windows application).

This is the project to manually download the zip and copy files over from it to the Anki addons directory (see installation guide):

maybe you all should have this conversation in private, via PMs…

you’re just speaking about how to re-use other person’s work - which person was so kind to post it for free in here- without even asking for permission… for genki courses, ok, althout it was not easy to upload sound. But for those good, not copy-pasted courses, which took weeks and weeks from the life of some kind person to whom you do not even take the time to say “thanks”, what (and how) you’re doing in here is simply ugly and brazen,

I’d like to share whatever I made (if it was only because I couldn’t money off it anyway) … for free. Others might like to keep it their ‘own’.

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Are you talking about using the plugin someone wrote or about porting Memrise courses over to Anki? Because I would be willing to bet that the majority of people working on that are more concerned about transferring or backing up courses they themselves have made than courses others have constructed.


The script from the above link work to export words from a memrise course.
Original Script may not work.
But, the script from the following image work to export words from a course.
There is also instruction how to do.

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Using Memrise-to-Anki, I’ve been able to import not only the English clue and target language word/phrase, but also the audio, mems, alternate answers, and attributes. I suggest you experiment with a small course (up to 300 items) to see how the settings work before you attempt a large course.

the person who made this script also made a chrome extension (the extension copied both the word and its translation)