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I am creating an indigenous language course based on short sentences with audio. I would like to create other courses from the same content but categorized differently. For example, using just the ‘verb’ sentences - climbing, going, hunting, sitting, etc. Is there any way to copy lines from levels across to a new course?

Hi @Miirnti, I’m pretty sure that’s not possible.

As a workaround, you could generate a text file from the original course, copy-and-paste the contents of the text file into a spreadsheet, rearrange the items as required, then upload the rearranged items to levels in your new course. More detail on these ideas is here:
*Is there a way to edit someone's else course for myself? - #5 by ian_mn

Unfortunately, there’s no quick way to transfer audio clips to the new course.


Hi @Miirnti,

Are you hoping to create another course from one you’ve made or someone else’s?

The solution could be simpler depending on your answer.

Here again each of those could go into a different level within one course.

I am hoping to create course from a course I have created.

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Hi Miirnti,

I may be saying the obvious, but if you have all your data in a word document or spreadsheet, it should be easy to duplicate or copy it across to a new document and reorganise.

Then as I suggested above, why not have lots of different “levels” with different ideas.

I don’t know much about audio, you may have to load that afterwards.

Thanks. I can have the data in a spreadsheet so that part is not too complicated to reproduce.

Adding the audio again is what I’m trying to avoid since that’s the fiddly part. It will end up being a significant amount of audio to be adding all over again.

Thanks for your reply though.

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@MemriseSupport is there a way to bulk load audio into a level in a course (just like you can data)?