Converting 'Memrised' words to actual practical use


I’ve been working with my own custom-made French course based on words I encounter through conversations, books and films. The course has quite quickly accumulated 1000+ words and as it grows, I feel the effectiveness of it slowly fading. I’m wondering if any of you have any tactics you use to convert ‘memrised’ words, words you manage to answer correctly in the course, to words which you actually manage to use in practical situations.

I have a few tactics, like creative writing which employs those words, but I thought maybe I’d reach out to see how other people do about it.

Thanks in advance

I would agree - simply learning loads of words does not in itself make you use them actively. I find myself more and more move towards expressions, or sentence fragments, to try and aid this

I very much like the approach that sort of shines through in the official Memrise courses: there are quite a few words that are first being introduced in a level and are then used within a sentence in the same level. I do think that these tend to stick way better!

Not quite as good, but still helpful: some community courses show one or more sentences in which the word is being shown. Here’s two examples in which sentences are shown during sessions:

Another one including sentences, sadly only after clicking the “+” symbol:

Last but not least: audio is key! When learning, I usually speak everything out loud, but that’s more of a personal approach resp. strategy rather than a course-related thing. :slight_smile: