Conversational German by Robodl95

I noticed Willkommen only had the one L which is quite confusing for students.
Also I find the section entitled “Opinions” really hard to learn because there are so many similar expressions. Perhaps if you put “I completely agree WITH YOUR OPINION” if would trigger off “ah that’s the one with GANZ and MEINUNG in it”. It would make it easier to remember. Also, is there any way of grouping two the same so the student puts the two down at the same time, i.e. “What do you think of?” - Wie finden Sie and Was halten Sie von?

“Wir sind damit einverstanden” In a lot of dictionaries is translated as “we are content with this”. This would make it easier to learn as it would separate it from “Daruber sind wir uns einig” which is translated as “we agree on that/we are in agreement on that”. Correcting this would make it easier to learn. THanks for your time.

Willkommen has a double l. Just a bit confusing for students if it is the wrong spelling. Also I think the translations could be a little clearer. There are several very similar translations (for instance in “Opinions” that are really difficult to remember because they are all so alike. It is really hard for me to move onto the next level as I can’t complete this particular section. For instance, “da bin ich ganz ihrer Meinung” you have translated as “I completely agree with you”. Even having YOUR OPINION in the answer will help students to remember the phrase. Including the word OPINION would help students to remember it. Also, I feel because there are several phrases with almost identical answers, they could be grouped together as one answer with (THREE ANSWERS) included in the instructions. It’s hard enough trying to remember the words without having to search in the letters as if you’re doing a word search. This is something Memrise should take on board. For instance in another course der Imbissstand, die Imbissbude and der Schnellimbiss could be grouped as one in answer the “snack bar”. I’m just using this as an example. Thanks for your time.

Hi @Annieversaries,

Thanks for your comments. I agree with you that some entries in the opinions section are hard to tell apart. I’ll think some more about solutions for this.

About similiar phrases, I am afraid if I start grouping answers into one entry other learners might be unhappy with that. Are you using the app? Because on the app I don’t think you can see the "similar word"s I’ve added like you can on the website. See my screenshot here: Conversational German by Robodl95

I can’t find a Willkommen with any number of L’s in the database though.

Forgive me, the wrong spelling of “willkommen” was in the GCSE German course, not yours

New audio has been added so that all entries have audio now.
Mostly from native speakers but there is also some TTS.

There doesn’t seem to be an Ignore button on this course. Im familiar with the words in the early units, so I would prefer not to go over them again. Is there a way to ignore certain words and units? Robin

hi @robinbrown,

There certainly is an ignore button for each level in the browser, on the app I don’t know the current status.

Hi, thank you for your prompt reply. I’ll have to look on the browser, as there doesn’t seem to be an ignore button when I access your course on the app. Best wishes, Robin

You’re welcome.

By the way, I didn’t create the course, I’m maintaining it. I added audio to the words/phrases, made some corrections and added clarifications.

At least on android, when a word is first shown to you in a lesson, click the triple dot menu and you cna mark as known or difficult

Thanks to Everyone! The Ignore button has appeared on the lists of words in the Units, and I have discovered the ‘already known’ button on the screen for individual words. All good!