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Corrections on words made sofar:

  • Danke schön! - added space,
  • Bitte schön! - added space,
  • blaumachen - removed space,
  • Bei dir piept’s wohl! - new translation: You’re crazy!
  • Servus! - new translation: Hi! or Ciao! (Southern Germany & Austria)
  • Noch einmal, bitte. - new translation: Once again, please.
  • changed Was für ein Quatsch! to Was für ein Unsinn!
  • Das macht mir nichts aus. - new translation: I don’t mind.
  • changed Auf Fehlern wird man klug. to Durch Schaden wird man klug. - Adversity is the school of wisdom.
  • changed Eintracht nährt, Unfriede verzehrt. to Friede ernährt, Unfriede verzehrt.
  • changed Not bricht Eisen. to Not kennt kein Gebot.
  • ganz fertig sein - new translation: to be exhausted
  • Passt schon. - new translation: It’s fine. It’s all right. (no problem).
  • changed Schon was! to Auch schon was!
  • Na gut. - new translation: Very well then.
  • changed in die Kreuz und in die Quer to kreuz und quer - new translation: crisscross
  • changed unter einer Decke stecken to mit jemandem unter einer Decke stecken - to be in cahoots with somebody
  • changed im Eimer to im Eimer sein - to be down the drain
  • changed zwei Fliegen mit einem Schlag treffen to zwei Fliegen mit einer Klappe schlagen
  • Kein Aber! - new translation: No buts!
  • changed blass vor Neid werden - new translation: to become green with envy
  • changed Das schon, aber… to Das mag sein, aber…
  • changed stur wie ein Bock sein to stur wie ein Bock
  • changed einen langen Bart haben to Die Geschichte hat einen langen Bart.

I’ve disambiguated words using the Part of Speech attribute which shows now similar words or phrases during tests.
For words lacking audio I’ve added audio, mostly from native speakers.

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I have lived in Baden-Württemberg - the federal state in the south-west of Germany and Bavaria’s neighbour - since 1988 and I am pretty sure that “Servus” is pretty much a Bavarian greeting :wink:

Here in B-W, the old-fashioned greeting would be “Grüß Gott” or “grüß dich” or “ich grüße Sie” along with the usual “Guten Tag” and “Hallo” etc.

Just so you don’t get beaten up by any Swabians or Badeners :slight_smile:

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I’m always interested in how this can be done. Can you provide a couple of screenshots of words or phrases you have done this to? I curate a four-part Swedish course containing over 8,000 words and the problem crops up a lot. I have disambiguated words mostly by extending the definitions and adding phrases where the word in question typically appears, but sometimes my definitions have ended up being a bit long …

So any alternative ways of dealing with this problem are always welcome!

Many thanks in advance and I hope it’s not too much to ask.

Hello amanda-norrsken,
Thanks for you concern :wink:.

Well, I don’t really know. I’ve read in several places it is used in Southern German, Austria en Eastern Europe. I’ve just added Hi! to the translation.

Just found this question online:

“Woher kommt eigentlich der begriff : “Servus” wenn die BAyern sich hallo sagen wollen^^”

I would have liked to add an extra column especially for disambiguating. But contributors are not allowed to this :slightly_frowning_face:. So I had to use the Part of Speech column because that is the only available column that is set to Show at Tests.

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Thanks for the screenshot!

And how does it look when the individual learner goes through the course?

During review:

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That works! Then people know that they need the other phrase here. I write in brackets after the word itself, "(not: “…”)

Hello! Great course, but some items still lack audio, and for some (mostly in the Idioms levels) the audio and the written words don’t exactly match. Is there a chance for this getting fixed in the near future? Thanks in advance!

Hi Ora9,

Sofar I’ve added more than 260 pieces of audio spoken by native German speakers to this course. For audio that was close but did not exactly match the original words and sentences in the course I’ve made edits and/or added alternatives. If there are still problems there then maybe you could pinpoint them.

For about 40 phrases and sentences I have not been able to find suitable audio. I could do another search for those but I’ll probably not find that much more.

Übrigens, there are another 20 words or so in the database that are not currently included the course. I could add them if people want to learn even more.

I think it would be the best if the main version of a phrase is the one that has audio, while the others could be alternatives. (For example, for “to make a face”, the default German is “ein Gesicht schneiden”, while the audio is “ein Gesicht ziehen”.)

Have you considered at least using machine audio for those where you can’t find native speakers? I know it’s vastly inferior, but (to me at least) it’s better than nothing.

As for the extra 20 words or so, I’d be happy if they were added. :slight_smile: After all, if someone doesn’t want them, they can always just click “ignore”.

The default is now “ein Gesicht machen,” and there are three alternatives, two with audio.

Great course but I have a problem on the iPad version (not on the android version)
An additional level appears between 15 and 16 - also called level 15 (91-95)
This contains 3 phrases to learn - 2 of which are also in level 16
No matter how many times you learn the phrases they appear as un-learnt so it is impossible to progress on the course without repeating the 3 phrases

Screenshot below

Thanks for your help

Hello @Graham.L,

In January I did an overhaul of the course after adding some new words. I reordered many words and sentences into different levels and renamed many levels. You are still seeing a level I then removed from the course (with just numbers as the name of the level). I can’t really do anything about that because the level is not in the course anymore.

I’ve no experience with the app so I don’t exactly know how to solve this problem. Is it not possible the reload/update the course?

Hi - thanks for your reply
I tried that but the spurious level reappeared when I rejoined the course
If anyone else has encountered this or has a solution I would be interested
Meanwhile I can use the android version
Thanks again

Gern geschehen.:wink:

You could try in the iOS bugs forum section.

Gute Idee
Vielen Dank!

Solved problem