Why would memrise remove course forums? What is the wisdom behind that?

There is no way to contact a course creator hoping they will fix an error as there is no private messaging system on these boards. Either i can ignore the word, which means I’ll never learn it. Or just get it wrong half the time because 2 questions in the course have the same answer and theres no way for me to tell which one its asking.

The one way to contact anyone, has been eradicated.

Adding insult to injury i had to confirm my email to even post here. Guess being a user on this website for over a year isn’t good enough.

Good news! You’re kinda wrong!

You’re totally right about the old course forums being gone, and there has been a lot of discussion about that. Like you, most people don’t like it. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t contact course creators and contributors.

If you’re new to the discourse forums, you’ll have to “earn some trust” in order to use all the features of the forums. Once you do, though, you’ll be able to send private messages, make posts with links (or more than 2 links), post images (or more than one image), and so on. See:

Some course contributors who are active have started threads in the appropriate category where people can point out typos, ask for clarification, suggest changes, etc.

Here’s one example:

Not all course creators and contributors are here on the forums, obviously. If it looks like the course has been abandoned, you can send Memrise a support request asking to become a contributor. They’ll attempt to contact the creator, and if the course really is abandoned, you’ll have the opportunity to take over editing responsibilities. (This happened with the old forums, too.)


Thanks for the shout out! :stuck_out_tongue:

So i need to “earn trust” to ask a creator to fix a mistake? I suppose i do this by posting?
If trust is earned by posting It will likely take me months. I’m not here for a social call. I’m here for the courses and to learn. As i said I’ve been here over a year. Highly doubt i got a dozen posts total since I’ve been here.

I need to deal with a flawed course until memrise thinks I’m worthy of contacting another. Makes sense.

Although being required to earn trust can be frustrating for new forum users, there is a good reason behind it—spam prevention. In that aim, it works quite well. (And, it’s Discourse’s requirement, not Memrise’s…)

To reach the level of Basic User, you only need 5 posts and some reading time. Yes, it’s a hoop you have to jump through, but it’s not that onerous…


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You don’t need to “earn trust” to ask a creator to fix a mistake.

Even a brand new user can post in the relevant [Course Forum] thread, if one exists, without any problems, just as you posted here.

You’re totally right.

Just to clarify, I mentioned trust levels because that’s what opens up the possibility to send private messages. I did not intend to imply that earning trust was required for any course correction requests posted publicly.

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@Kaspian Yes, I know that you didn’t mean it that way, but it seemed to me that Alex_N took your answer to mean that, so I thought it was best to clarify it for them, and prevent any misunderstanding.

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Maybe i am missing something. “Course forums” are gone, right?

How do i contact someone to ask them to make a correction?

@Alex_N The old course forums that were tied to individual courses and accessible from the course’s home page are gone.

In their place, we have these forums.

Memrise told course creators that the only way to receive feedback from users taking their courses is to create a separate thread for each course, and put it in the appropriate category, and put a link to that course forum thread in the description of their course on its main page.

For example, you can find threads supporting different Russian courses by going here, and looking for threads that begin with the words [Course Forum ], such as this one [Course Forum] ! 500 Russian Verbs by neal.p.carey

You could do the same thing for any course you are taking. Some of the creators have created these threads, but many have not.

There’s no guarantee that you will find one. If you don’t find one, then create a post about your problem in the general category, including a link to the course, and tag one of the moderators, such as Lien, by putting a @ symbol in front of her name. She will try to contact the creator for you if possible.

This is the new way of doing things around here, so we have to make the best of it, or not.


I’m reading through the posts in the hope that I will find some reference to my current problem. I have attempted to contact someone at Memrise, without any reply or even acknowledgement. My issue is simple enough and is not a matter of opinion. My Spanish course has simply stopped loading any new words and I have no idea why. A dedicated and functioning help line would be a major boost and I can see no reason why this is not in place.

Hi @stevepgill :slight_smile:

I saw on your learning list that you are taking one of the new courses that was recently added. So I believe you are in the same situation as other users that I commented on earlier. The link to the post is: Invalid 'words learned'

Hi and thanks for the response. I’m not sure that you’ve answered my question as I don’t see any mention in the conversation, of a repeated failure to open that “new words” session. If this is s known issue, how long will it take to fix?
All the best


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The problem that comes to you is when you click the learn new words button, and a looping screen appears:
“Whoops. Could not load the session. Sorry” ?

This is because in the web version there are no more words to learn, you have already learned all the words available in the web version.

However, there is an additional feature called “Grammar Mode” (in beta), which is available in the app, which has new words / phrases. But this modality is not yet available on the web version. And in the web version it will appear on the missing levels.

In the course you are learning (, the missing levels are: 2, 4, 6, 9. In the app, grammar mode appears at these levels.

The link I posted earlier shows that the problem has already been cataloged to be fixed, but Memrise does not say when it will be fixed.

Thanks again for the quick response. I’m sorry to have run to the end of the app as it currently exists. I’ll need to find an alternative way to learn the Spanish language.
Best regards


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You can start Spanish 2, or a community-created course. If you are unsure which community course to choose, you can create a topic and ask for suggestions from other users. Or check in the “search” (magnifying glass at the top right) if someone has already created a similar topic asking for suggestions :wink:

Again I have to thank you for your help. The idea of moving to Spanish 2, had not occured to me but I’ve tried it and it is working well.
Best regards


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