Confusing words in German 1-7 by Memrise (German for French speakers)

(Trukmuch) #1

Hey guys. I have finished the 4 first courses and I review them from time to time. There are some words that are pretty confusing in thoses courses.

For example in German 2, génial stands for großartig, but in another course, it stands for super. So sometimes when I use the global review feature, I don’t know which one it is because both answers are not accepted for “génial”.
I have the same issue with “le rendez-vous” that can be der Termin or das Date, could you specify (amoureux for example).

I saw another the other day that I can’t remember, I will update my post if I come across it.

[Course Forum] Allemand 1-7 by Memrise (German for French speakers)
(Amanda Norrsken) #2

I know this is an old post, but I have moved it into the forum for the official memrise courses (it was in Decks) so I hope that it will be dealt with - if it hasn’t already been dealt with, that is.

I am just a regular memrise user, by the way, doing a bit of forum housekeeping, in the hope that people’s queries concerning the official memrise courses will be dealt with.