Confusing message on course creation at memrise

(Webarchitect609) #1

The url gives the message:

Course creation is temporarily disabled, check “community memrise com” for updates

Wouldn’t it be better to give clearer information? For example, why not to give a link to the “Update: Decks mobile app!” topic or briefly describe that courses can be created at ?

I had to waste some time surfing community forum before I understood what’s going on. And I don’t wish others to repeat my expirience.

P.S.: Had to change the text to remove links as of 2 urls limit.



It’s been suggested and they’re looking at it. Hopefully, it won’t take long!

(Ludmia Dobrzyniecka69) #3

My God! Thank you! I had the same problem! Thanks to you now I know were I can make new course! I even send email to Memrise. But you know how it works here :wink: thanks again!!!

(ülkem Aydın40) #4

Not too long, only months…