Confused with courses

I’m taking the french course for a month now using the early access mode and I have a couple of questions:

1). Are the courses shown on early access just for french 1 or these courses are for all 7 levels?

  1. how is progress measured? As of A1 and sort?

3). As I progress. I’m getting too many words to review. Shouldn’t these words somehow be included in future lessons?

  1. how are we to learn conjugation and so on?

1- on early access all the courses are combined into one
2- we measure progress by number of words learned, it doesn’t directly relate to levels like A1, if you read around no one can seem to agree how many words of vocabulary you need for each level
3- Words that need reviewing won’t appear in Learn mode, you can do a review session by clicking on the ready for practice card, or when review is your daily activity, or by going directly to the Practice section of the Learn tab

4- We don’t explicitly teach conjugations as we believe more in learning by exposure to language than explicitly teaching grammar (think you learned your language as a kid), but you will find many examples when watching videos in the immerse tab, or can practice with the MemBot in the Communicate tab, it will even correct your grammar if you make a mistake

hey thank you very much for taking your time and give me such detailed answers.

I have a couple others questions if you don’t mind.

  1. why some courses appear on the menu with different colors (orange and white)?

  2. how can I add other courses created by other people and how do I look for them? I read in several places this can be done. But I don’t see that option in early access.

  3. are there any courses you can recommend for people working in office environments to learn how to say paper, monitor, computer, desk, mouse, board room, budget, estimate, payroll, etc?

Don’t get me wrong, I know I can google these things but I’m curious if you already have these courses.

  1. I also wonder if there are industry specific courses like construction, landscaping, accounting, first aid, etc.

Notice, I’m learning French because in my career working as construction estimator, project coordinator, manager, safety, etc in Canada. I have had several occasions in which I have had to interact with clients or workers who speak French and do not speak English or are just horrible at it .

Honestly, I don’t expect to travel to France or go to french restaurants or take the metro or go to hotel , or going to the supermarket or stores etc which is what most of the scenarios here talk about. Still though it’s very good know and I’m taking those courses.

My gf is also taking memerise courses and she wonders about the same things in her career in accounting.

Pretty much our intent is for work purposes in our industries no leisure.

Thanks again in advance.

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1- Orange scenarios are premium scenarios only available to subscribers
2- go to Memrise - Courses for English (UK) speakers and if you join any courses you will go to our classic dashbaard, to return to early access click the ‘official courses’ button at the top of the classic dashboard or use the toggle in the dropdown in the top right, to go back to the classic dashboard use the same dropdown or click ‘Community courses’ in the bottom left

3- Within our official course you can filter the scenarios to show those related to Work

4- There may be supplementary courses created by users more specialised to professions, have a look on the courses page i linked



is there a way to track progress like

50 scenarios completed. 100 more to go?


1000 words learned. 6000 more to go?

progress is something we’re still working on, but you can see the number of words you’ve learned on the home tab. our courses generally have around 4k words i think

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