Completed streak on App does not match Web

I noticed today that when I completed my streaks (on 6 courses) for today, then went to the App, it was as if I’d done no work. I then decided to do the same work on my App and it showed as being finished but it’s a day behind what’s on the web. There are no little icons at the bottom to check the time zone on the App (which I haven’t changed recently anyway). I also noticed that after completing streaks on those six courses (on my App) that it appears I’ve done nothing on my phone. I’ve tried several times - same result. I deleted the App and reinstalled it - same result. I’m a tad perplexed!

Same thing happened to me. Website says 284-day streak, mobile app says 5-day streak. Two of them reset to zero this past week.

There’s two other threads pertaining to the iOS streak problem, both with responses from Memrise.
You can find them here:

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Thanks @Olaf.Rabbachin.

That’s awful @JCDean - so discouraging. Don’t give up on learning though.