Completed levels sometimes show as uncompleted on the Android App ~ a Bug

Completed levels sometimes show as uncompleted on the App.

Eg this » course «

Details to follow.

Hi @MemriseSupport,

I’ve just quit the App (to update it), but it’s showing levels without a flower on this course, yet they are fully planted.

This BUG has been around for quite a while.

Thanks for reporting. Do you have a screenshot? Does the grown flower eventually return or do you need to learn everything again?

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Thanks for your interest @MemriseSupport.

Here is the App screenshot.

And here is it on the pc

As I said this is a very common problem.

I usually have to learn them again.
I’ve even Quit etc and waited days.
I’ll try to leave this one alone.

By the way (and this might have nothing to do with the problem itself): did you notice that it’s level 7 in Android and 8 on the web?

Maybe the multimedia-levels which are located in between levels cause the problem. I have only seen them at the beginning and the end of courses until now …


Thanks - I did wonder about that.

I’ll leave it for now Olaf, but change the order if @MemriseSupport want me to - they may want to investigate and solve this problem.

All the courses I support have that set up.

However it’s never the whole level but only some which are un-planted.

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Here’s another example @MemriseSupport.

(I haven’t quit the App yet)

Thank you for these details @DW7, I’ve now raised this bug to our developers to investigate the issue and will update when we hear more. Please let us know if you have any further details in the meantime.

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Hi @DW7, we’re looking into this right now. We haven’t been able to reproduce this issue, but have found the following which can affect consistent syncs:

  • If ignore all words in the level on web the level will look like “not started”. On Android the level will be completed.

  • If you fully learn the word in the learning session on Android and close mid-session, on Android the word will be fully grown, but on the Web it won’t be fully grown.

Does this look/sound familiar?

Thanks for looking into this, but it’s actually the other way round, viz it’s fully learned on the web but not on the App.


It’s been a long time so I’ve forgotten, but in the above course Settimana 6 there is one item partially learned on the App full full flower on the Web.

If I find any more I’ll add them to this thread.

Sometimes it’s just easier to complete the level on the App as well to solve the problem!

Hi @MemriseSupport, this bug has resurfaced.

I’ve just added some more levels to a course and auto-grown them to a flower.

Going to the App I logged out to refresh the course to show the extra levels and now it saying I have nothing learned and I have to start the course again.

Yet the web is correctly showing flowering levels.

What can you or I do about this?

It’s also showing I’m at skill level 1 (not 15) but that often resets once I’ve done several things on the App.


Closing the App and restarting it several times has virtually restored everything but NOT fully planted yet.
This is what I have experienced at other times.

Hello, DW7. Thank you for describing the problem. We recommend that you reinstall the app. Please let us know if that fixes your problem. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you. - Quality Assurance at Memrise

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Now I wish I hadn’t @alesiavaronich

It took ages to load and it’s now worse than before - ie fewer levels complete.

Also it’s says I’m level 1 again.

Hopefully messing around will restore more complete levels.


I’m now back to about 95% planted - so all is not lost, but the bug persists.

Hello, DW7. Thank you for your response. Please, let us know the following:

  1. Which course are your referring to?
  2. Is there a problem on the Web for that course?
  3. What was your level (scores) before the progress loss on your Android device?
  4. What is your level (scores) on your Android device now?
  5. Please, attach any screenshots to help us understand your problem.
    Thank you. Best Regards, QA Team
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Quick reply.

  1. several courses that were auto-grown.

  2. no, web is perfect - just not synchronised - ie the App shown some levels with items not planted at all.

  3. I don’t think scores have been lost - just some items within a level no longer planted

  4. it quickly went to 15 when I did some learning. This is an old problem.

  5. screenshots - see below.

I’ve reported this problem before under » “not synchronised” « and @James_g_memrise looked at it.

Many thanks for looking into this again @alesiavaronich .

I’m not sure it’s the same issue, but I have many ignored words in some official courses reappeared as not ignored in the app. At the same time they are still correctly ignored on the website. Currently I see this in the Italian 1 course, it was a problem with a couple of Spanish official courses as well. But please, don’t go to my account to check it - you’ll break my list of the courses.

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I’m not sure if this is related to this problem, but I just bought a new android after getting a message that Memrise is no longer supported on my old phone. When the app got transferred, it showed my streaks correctly (I have six that I practice daily), but almost nothing planted in those courses. One showed only 10 planted, when it should have been at 2167/2167 items learned. I uninstalled/reinstalled, and now it shows nothing learned in those six courses. In the official memrise French courses, it shows nothing learned in 6 out of 7 courses.

In the firefox browser all is well, looks good in my 4-year-old android tablet, and I never ran into a problem with my old phone. It could be the phone, I just don’t know what to check. I’m going to do some experimenting with the settings and with courses that have the learned items missing.

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Thanks for that information @FishSlap.

It sounds very similar.

I’ve tried all sorts of things but nothing seems to resolve the miss-match.

Any thoughts @MemriseSupport ?

I didn’t have time to look at it again until seven or eight hours after I posted this, and when I did everything seems to have gone back to normal. It probably just took some time after uninstall/reinstall for the learning progress to catch up.

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I did find a few courses that I had completed that now show unplanted items that had been set to ignore.
In the FSI French, 8 items in level 15:

Level 49 in the original French A1 official course :

Official French 3 course shows 10 in level 27

That’s all I can be sure of. I’m not very concerned about it myself, just posting this in case it helps with the trouble that DW7 is having.

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